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Another buffet to try in North Jakarta? 

Ancol is an area that I usually go for morning run. It's actually near my home and I just love the atmosphere in this area especially in early morning. It doesn't too much feel like Jakarta, even though the sea-view is not impressive and a bit smelly sometimes haha... But yeah, can't complain much.
Did you know there's this new establishment in Ancol ? Yes it's Discovery Hotel ! Located near Dunia Fantasi ( Dufan ), this 4 star hotel is still in the same group with Hotel Borobudur. 

That time I got a chance to visit their restaurant which is Kembang Goyang. With it's Betawi-styled themed, this casual restaurant is surprisingly good ! For IDR 228,000 nett ( includes drinks ! ), you can savor their buffet - style dishes.

Kembang Goyang is quite spacious, and I love their high ceiling dining room. You can also opted for outdoor seating, since they had this casual patio with wooden furniture. 

Enough with the interior, so shall we start the dinner ? You know what? in here, you can have the legendary Sop Buntut ( Oxtail Soup ) from Borobudur Hotel !! I am so excited since I'm a big fan of this dish! It was savory and the oxtail was tender. Yum! 

In Kembang Goyang, you can also find authentic Betawi or Indonesian dishes in one of their section! Such as Gabus Pucung or Ayam Woku.

From the western section you can have this roast beef and potato wedges. The roast beef just okay, but seriously the potato wedges was sooo good! It was freshly made and I love the crisp on it !

From the pasta section, you can opted for Bechamel sauce or Bolognaise. That time I opted for Bechamel one, and it was cooked al-dente and creamy enough, but it need a bit more seasoning.

In here you can also had their BBQ section, and I personally love it ! From seafood to meats, it was tasted fresh and perfectly cooked ! Got to have this !

And from the Asian section, you can have the Peking Duck or Fried Rice, it was all good enough !

The dessert selection here is not extensive, but still good enough. I've tried some of their mouse and it was good. The one that you can't miss is their warm chocolate cake ! It was indulging with it's intense chocolate flavor, and you can have it with a scoop of ice cream ( why not? )

Overall.. I'm quite surprised with the food quality here. I know it's not as extensive as the other hotel buffet, but I think it's worth the price. Thank you Discovery Hotel for having me :)

Kembang Goyang
Discovery Hotel & Convention Ancol
Jl. Lodan Timur No. 7, Ancol Taman Impian
Phone : +62-21 293 77 777
Facebook : Discovery Hotel Ancol
Instagram : @DiscoveryAncol


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