Jakarta : Lewis and Carroll Tea Flower Market

When Tea meets Flowers ! 

For you tea lovers, maybe you already familiar with first shop of Lewis and Carroll Tea in Jalan Bumi. Yes, I think they are one of the pioneer of doing a tea-house here in Jakarta. Besides, I also adore their quality of tea and also their design concept.

Yesterday I've just know that they open another store that located in Grand Indonesia. If you've ever visited Aoyama Flower Tea House in Tokyo, I think this one also has similar concept. Flower and Tea, what's not to love, right ladies? lols.

Since they're just open yesterday, I think they still need so much improvement in terms of service. The waiters not attentive enough, so I kind of have to wait until any of them looking at me. Lewis and Carroll also had an extensive menu now. Something that I didn't know about.

They have some Salads or All Day Brunch option, but again, since it's still their soft opening, so several menu not available. 

In terms of interior, well... I think it's good enough, but since it's too minimalist, it wasn't quite inviting for me. Need a lotttt more decor though to make it more warm and comfy. Maybe because still on soft opening too? 

I came around 4pm that time so I opted for some dessert and drinks. First I order their plated dessert menu, Cacaocha - IDR 58.000,-. This is Kyoto Matcha Creme Brulee, Textures of Chocolate and Cashew Feuilletine. The creme brulee was frozen when it served. And there's another Ice cream as well on this dish. So at first I am confused which one is the ice cream since both tasted cold. Lols. ( I didn't read the description on the menu before ) 
But it was good though, and the ice cream tasted like caramel if I'm not mistaken. Those feuilletine 'crumbles' was definitely the star on this dish. Slightly salty which gives a right balance to the other 'sweet'-components.

Cold Brew Sencha - IDR 32.000,-. If you notice, I am a type of person who like all-things cold brew. So I was quite excited when I see this on the menu. Sencha is a type of green tea, but not the same with 'Matcha'. Sencha is grown in full sun, and Matcha is grown in the shades. 
And seriously, this Cold Brew Sencha is really good ! Totally refreshing, and surprisingly still have that 'body' and astringency in a green tea, and some sweet floral aftertaste! Interesting !

Cappucinno - IDR 42.000,-. Psst... they also had 'es kopi susu' on the menu, but yeah... I'm kind of had enough of it so opted for regular capp. Turns out, the coffee tasted 'bitter' ( those burnt aftertaste ). Didn't know whether because of the beans or the brewing-temperature. I guess... it's better to stick to their tea. Lolss.

For my second visit, I finally able to tasted some menu that I've been eyeing before. Lavender Ice Cream by Eskimomo - IDR 42.000,-. Eskimomo owned by a good friend of mine and I know they made delish ice cream. You definitely can tasted the fragrant Lavender aroma in this ice cream. Supa love it !

Blooming Hot Chocolate - IDR 55.000,-. Aaaaaa actually from instagram, I've always wanted to try Dominique Ansel's Blooming Hot Chocolate in Tokyo! But yess now Lewis and Carrol also had it ! The 'flower' made from marshmallow is really blooming when you put it on your hot chocolate. Soooo cute ! And tasted good too even though the chocolate wasn't that thick.

Blooming 'Winter Blossom' Tea - IDR 40.000,-

Lewis and Carrol Tea Flower Market
UG Floor, Central Department Store,
Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall,
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.1, Jakarta.


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