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Are you a foodies? Bet you need this app !

So let me share with you about this new app called OpenSnap. OpenSnap is a new app that you could download via Apple Store or Android, and if you already familiar with, this app is perfect for you since it's also linked with the web, and you could get the information that OpenRice offer such as the adress of the restaurant or even the review from other foodies.

As a foodies, you'll always want to share your food journey to your friend and families especially through social media. I can say even though I'm a newbie with this app, it's very easy to use!

As you can see, at the first page you can do several things with the app, such as Search, Upload Photo, Find Foodies, etc. I will explain to you my experience with this app, so bare with me!
The first feature that they have is you can upload your own food photos to this app. Of course you can also add much much detailed information, such as the Location, Price, Tag Friend, Description of the food, and also Star Rating of the food ! It is very detailed isn't it! And it's very convenient for us, foodies! Since we don't have to write too much. 

The nice thing about this app is, you can also post your own 'homecooking' photos ! Yay ! Since I love love love to cook, this feature is best for me since I don't have to only post restaurant photos.

Another feature that I really love is this! You can search for the food nearby your location! OpenSnap could detect your location ( with GPS enabled ) and you can browse all the good food around you! Again, this feature is really helpful ! Especially for you who usually confused for what to eat ( that's me ! ;p ) , or... need new food recommendations, this feature is perfect.

In the first page, you can easily browse for what you want ! OpenSnap already categorized it, so it's easier for you to look for what you want. In example, the Best Cafe in Jakarta  or the Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

You can also browse food in other cities ( even other countries ) too! Wow isn't it ! I will definitely use it whenever I go to Singapore or Thailand next time!

In OpenSnap you can also look for promotions that goes around your locations! Now you can dine with extra discounts, yay !

Besides all those features, you can also following other foodies to get more food-inspirations, and also bookmarking the place or food that you wanna try later on. It's fun isn't it?
Photo credit to OpenSnap

This is account of mine, go find me > Nvicl ! 

So far, I'm enjoying using this app because it's not lagging when I open it on my phone, all the features are on point and helping me as a foodie. I bet, this app will suits you too! So what are you waiting for? Go download and try OpenSnap by yourself !


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