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Fine Dining version of humble Indonesian Food ? Find it here !

Indonesia cuisine is very wide in variety also in flavors. That's why it's too bad  if this cuisine haven't put in the spotlight worldwide. I know Indonesian food has some weakness, which is, the presentation. Our food is always looking very humble and rustic, that's why sometimes for us, foodies, to take photos of Indonesian food are always challenging :p

Well... I guess that issues wasn't a problem anymore, because this new restaurant, 1945, has proved that Indonesian cooking could also looks good ! 1945 is a Fine Dining restaurant located at Fairmont Hotel. This new establishment was also in the same group with Sate Khas Senayan or Tesate. 1945 takes Indonesian food to another level because of using the high quality ingredients and also a beautiful presentation.

1945 had different areas for dining. The design was minimalist yet very luxurious. Loving the calming ambience here!

To start the preview, we've been served with this traditional Indonesian snacks. Krupuk, Kembang Goyang, Kacang Rebus was served with Sambal Kacang ( Indonesian style Peanut Sauce ) dips.

Still from the 'Jajanan' ( snacks ) sections, we've also been served with Gorengan. Gorengan means Deep Fried Snacks, and we can easily found Gorengan in the streets. Here in 1945, they make the 'Gorengan' more interesting because they use 3 colors of Yams and cut just like fries. They also put some Rempeyek and Bakwan ( Prawn Fritters ). I really like the Bakwan ! You really can taste the prawn, and loving the fluffy texture!

Indonesian are famous with our variety of Satay, and in here you can opted for Wagyu Beef Satay, Chicken  or Lamb Tenderloin. I kind of like the Lamb one, because it's sweet and tender!

Now we move to Appetizers. In here, you got to have this, Pecel Kembang Salad ! This one is my favoriteeee dish, since it's sooo pretty yet healthy as well ! Pecel is a humble Indonesian salad with Spicy Peanuts sauce. In 1945, they make a twist by putting the edible flowers and black sesame sauce. They using the Blue Pea Flower, Begonia and also Marigold. I really love the fragrant flavors of this Edible Flowers! I think it's really elevating the traditional Pecel! Must try !

And then next Appetizer is Oxtail Consomme. The broth was sooo light, and the oxtail also tender. Nice !

Next to the Main Courses, the dishes was served for sharing, and the waiters will come offer you the White, Yellow or Black Rice. First one to try is Wagyu Rendang. Rendang is definitely the most popular Indonesian food. Usually they won't use a good quality of meats, since it will be cook for long- long hours  ( originally could took 2-3 days ). In 1945, they use Wagyu and yes, it's tender ! The spices also tasted like usual rendang, so this is good !

Rujak Chicken.  I also love this one! The chicken also tender, and the sauce was sour, sweet and bit spicy. Yum !

Next one is Gindara 1945. This fish was served with Balacan infused sauce. It's actually quite sweet, almost remind me of teriyaki sauce.

Lobster Pesmol Thermidor. I know westerners always look for Lobster, so that's why they served this ingredients but with Indonesian twist. Pesmol is a sweet spicy and sour sauce that is yellow in color. Unfortunately the lobster was overcooked, so it's a bit chewy, but the sauce was nice. 

Tongseng Lamb Chop. Tongseng is also a traditional food usually using mutton for the meat. In here they're using Lamb, and it's actually a bit chewie in texture. The sauce also wasn't taste like tongseng to me since it's almost tasted like a curry. 

And.... dessert! Frozen Srikaya Souffle. This one was lovely ! Since the Souffle ( or Mousse ? ) was served super cold and coated with coconuts. I love coconuts! And Srikaya also matched well with  the coconuts. But I think if the Srikaya flavor was more punching, will be better.

Tape Cheesecake. Tape is a fermented cassava and I love the sour and sweet fermented taste on it. This dish was quite nice and surprising since I didn't know cheese and tape could taste this good!

Nastar Cake. Nastar is our traditional snacks with pineapple jam in it. This cake, flavorwise, it was nice, you really can taste the pineapple, but it's just not moist and light enough. 

Lime Lemongrass Ice Tea

I think 1945 is a perfect restaurant to bring your guest or tourists that wanna taste Indonesian food in more refined way. Thanks 1945 for having me !

1945 Fine Dining
3rd Floor, Fairmont Hotel,
Jl. Asia Afrika No 8, Jakarta.
Phone : ( 021 ) 2903 9179
Instagram : @1945restaurant


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