Surabaya : When Passion Meets Business ?

I will be in Surabaya on 22 and 23 September 2015 ! Join me?

Are you living in Surabaya ( Indonesia ) ? I am so excited to announce that I will be speaking in Universitas Ciputra and Forward Factory along with my super talented friends !! One of them is Nakanari, who willing to travel all the way to Indonesia from Orlando, USA. We will talking about our passion and sharing our experiences with you guys!

Here are the details and hope you guys could join us ! Psssttt... I need some food ( and coffee ! ) guide too! :p

Brandmakers: Cultivating A Creative Brand in Jakarta, Indonesia
Tony “Nakanari” Shiau and Friends Share Their Stories About How Their Brands Were Born

            ORLANDO, Fla. (Aug. 17, 2015) --- Tony “Nakanari” Shiau travels to Jakarta, Indonesia to speak about the creation of the Mai Hiro brand alongside friends who want to share their insight on creating their brands.
            Tony and his friends will each share their own story and experiences on how their brands were created and developed.  He will be joined by Natasha Victoria Lucas, Food Stylist/Blogger; Indra G. Masribani, Toy artist/blogger; and Budi Tandiono, Toy Distributor/Owner.
Tony is the founder and creator of Ninja Spiki and developed the Mai Hiro brand by focusing on strong character design and illustration.  He brought his vision to life through his “Design By Belief” motto and has had the opportunity to collaborate with companies such as Kidrobot and Gibson Guitars.
Natasha Lucas’s love of food, photography, and travel, led her to begin her own food and travel blog, since 5 years ago. She also does Food Styling & Photography and has worked with many reputable restaurants such as, Union Group, Opco Group, and Pullman Hotel. Currently, Natasha has her own culinary television show, named after her blog, “Yummy Traveler,” which has been aired on the Foodie Channel TV (First Media).
Founder of, Indra G. Masribani, is a Bachelor of Art graduate from Curtin University Australia.  Indrahas been drawing doodles on the back of his notebook since middle school and fell in love with designer toys such as Trexi and Mad*L.  Indrahas been actively collecting toys since 2010.  He doodled his own character, Gacha, in 2014 and made it into a figure that same year.  He then released the first colorwayon March 2015.
Toy distributor/owner, Budi Tandiono, has a Bachelor in Marketing and a diploma in filmmaking.  He is a husband and father, blessed to have a wife that supports his hobby ofcollecting toys.  Although Budi is still new at collecting toys he enjoys learning about the toys he collects and is also a film and movie enthusiast.  Budi is also co-owner of Plastic Culture.
The event is free to the public and will take place at Forward Factory at 1:30pm on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015.  For more information, please visit:
For registration fill this form here >>

About Mai Hiro

            Mai Hiro’s mission is “Design by Belief” which embodies others to believe in their own imagination and abilities, and to provide freshness with all of the work and designs that are created.  The objective is to carry out a new perspective by designing strong and imaginative characters that serve as the face of many ideas and illustrations.  Mai Hiro advocates brand collaborations with other mediums, styles, and genres.  “Spread color and creativity throughout the world by creating custom original artwork.”


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