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Are you ready for some fondue- time??

I just love Fondue !! Seriously..... Who can resist those 'melting' sensation? Well... even though you can usually find Chocolate Fondue tower in most 'Buffet' station, it's quite hard though to find the savory one specifically in Jakarta.

Fondue, a popular dish especially in Swiss or France, usually consist of melted cheese served in communal pot. Now, you can also enjoying this dish at this newly opened franchised restaurant from US, The Melting Pot ! The Melting Pot is quite popular in the states and they already have numerous branches. Now we can have a place to enjoy fondue in Jakarta !

The Melting Pot Jakarta located in Plaza Senayan. The space is quite huge though! The design also very luxurious. Each table have their own induction stove, even on their bar area ! So if you want some light food to enjoy with your drinks, you can opted to sit down at the bar area. 

So in Melting Pot, you can opted for several flavors of your fondue. But if you want the classic one, you can opted for this Cheddar - IDR 108.000,-. This one is made with Aged, Medium-sharp Cheddar and Emmental Swiss Cheese, Lager Beer, Garlic and seasonings. The waiter will come and makes it for you, and you can ready to enjoy your fondue ! Well.... since it's cheese.... I couldn't complain especially when it's using my fave cheese, Emmental. It is very indulging !! haha....

Each fondue will be served with this artisan breads, tortilla, fruits and vegetables ! 

 And something different to try is this Spinach Artichoke - IDR 118.000,-. This one consist of Fontina and Gouda Cheese, Spinach, Artichoke hearts and Garlic. This one is a bit greasy compares to the Cheddar one. The taste is quite pungent since it's using Gouda cheese which a type of a sharp cheese. But... it's creamy and cheesy, so... I still cannot resist it. lols...

In Melting Pot, they also served nice salads to enjoy with your fondue. First one to try is this classic Caesar - IDR 58.000,-. I kind of like this because it's made properly with crisp fresh Lettuce Romaine, Pine Nuts, Croutons and Parmesan cheese. The dressing also quite light so it doesn't makes you feel bloated.

And then, The Melting Pot House Salad - IDR 68.000,-. This one made with sweet and tangy dressing, so it's really enjoyable.

Last one, California - IDR 65.000,-. This one is kind of my favorite ! Because they serve it with Blue Cheese and nice and sweet Raspberry Vinaigrette. 

Not only cheese fondue, you can also have the sweet one here ! You can opted for The Original - IDR 98.000,-. This one consist of peanut butter, so if you're a fan of peanut butter you can try this !

The sweet fondue served with this platter of fruits, cakes, marshmallow to dip in !

The other one is Cookies and Cream Marshmallow Dream - IDR 118.000,-. This one is flambed with Rum. Yum !!

In Melting Pot, they also serve interesting mocktails ! Such as this Blackberry Sage Lemonade - IDR 45.000,-. They're using Sage in it so it's quite fragrant.

Berries and Watermelon Sparkler - IDR 45.000,-
Pina Colada - IDR 45.000,-
Yin & Yang Martini - IDR 45.000,-
The Melting Pot
Plaza Senayan, Level 5 ( Near Marche ), Jakarta
Phone : ( 021 ) 57906057
Facebook : The Melting Pot Jakarta 
Instagram : @Meltingpot_ID


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