Jakarta : Hajime Ramen House

A steak? A ramen? Combined together??? Why not!

Ramen shop here in Jakarta are still growing in numbers! haha... Even though sometimes I'm kinda bored with the super oily porky broth, but I think many people here in Jakarta are still looking for it. Well, thank God, this new openly ramen house originally from Japan, was offering something different. A Ramen Steak !

Hajime Ramen founded by Chef Uchida Gen, and has won numerous awards since 2009. Hajime was known with it's light 'shio' broth, and they use Mongolian Salt as the important basic ingredients. Good news, this is also Halal! 
Hajime in Japan Photo by RamenAdventures.com

Chef Uramoto Shigetoshi ( Left ) and Chef Sato Toshihiko ( Right )

What I like from Hajime Ramen is, they make their own noodles ! I'm always appreciate a restaurant that wants to go extra miles in serving the food. Fresh, always tasted better. 

Before we tasted the Ramen, we start the dinner with this Grilled Chicken Salad - IDR 48.000,-. I loveeee the grilled chicken ! It was cooked perfectly, and has that smokey charred aroma and also the peppery taste. The dressing was light and the fried wontons skin adding the extra crunch.

Gyoza - IDR 38.000,-. This chicken gyoza also tasted nice. Perfect for some light bites.

Beef Garlic - IDR 48.000,-. This is my favorite!! Again, the beef was cooked perfectly with only salt and pepper seasoning, the fried garlic adding the extra 'umami' flavor. Yum!

They also had this 3 dipping sauces. All was nice! My personal favorite is the spicy one. 

Now we try the Ramen Steak shall we? Beef Ramen Hajime - IDR 88.000,-. They're using a good quality beef, which is Australian Sirloin Grade A. You could also opted for Medium or Well Done steak. The noodle was quite chewy and bouncy in textures, which is nice. The broth was sooo light, but savory in flavor. You could also opted for Chicken Ramen for IDR 68.000. If you like it hot, you can add some chilies. Their chilies are amazing ! You should try!
Or with Shoyu-based Soup!

The innovative Hot Plate Beef Hajime - IDR 88.000,-. For this one, the soup was separated since the noodle and steak was served on a hotplate. So you can dip the noodle into the soup when you eat it, just like eating 'Tsukemen' noodles.

For dessert, you definitely have to try their Mochi Ice Cream - IDR 28.000,- ! It's simply good! And I love the soft mochi skin!

Hajime Ramen House
Ruko Elang Laut Block C 19-20,
Jalan Pantai Indah Selatan 1, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Opening Hours : 10am -3pm and 5pm- 10pm
Phone : ( 021 ) 225 100 98 
Instagram : @HajimeRamenHouse
Twitter : @HajimeOrigin
Facebook : HajimeID

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