Recipe : Baked Cheese Tteokbokki ( Korean Spicy Rice Cake with Cheese )

I don't know what happen with today, but I just had a feeling about writing a recipe! As much as I love cooking, I know I haven't done many recipes in this blog . It's quite hard though for me to write a recipe. Because most of the time, when I cook, I just use my palate until I get the flavor that I want, and I didn't measured it. I'm quite amazed with the food bloggers out there, that could do cooking, taking a beautiful pictures, writing the recipe and yet.... still have to do the cleaning afterwards. Man.... it's a lot of works! Oh maybe, I just have to look for a photographer ( future ) husband, so at least it will cut the loads. Lol. 

Anyway, in this post, I make some Korean comfort food, Tteokbokki ! In Korea, this is a street food that you can found it everywhereeee. I always love Tteokbokki ! But not everyone could do it right. Sometimes it's too tough, sometimes it's bland and just taste like eating a rice flour. That's why, for me, it's better to do more flavoring in the sauce to balanced the bland taste of the rice cake. And yes, Tteokbokki is better to enjoy while it's hot, because it's getting tougher when it's cold. You don't wanna break your teeth don't you! ;p

I had this kind of Baked Cheese Tteokbokki in the Korean restaurant before, and I loveeeee it! That's why instead of doing the original one, I prefer this one ! Cheese and Tteokbokki actually really goes well together. The creamy melted cheese combined with the spicy rice cake......... Yum! 

You can also add anything you want in Tteokbokki . In this recipe I'm just using Shimeji Mushroom, but it's totally up to you if you want to add some vegetables or anything. Oh... I also don't have any dried anchovies and kelp at the moment. Usually they use that for the stock, but don't worries! You can use a regular water or chicken stock, or for me... I just used some Dashi
I tell you what, it is very easy to make this Tteokbokki, and don't worry if you don't have the perfect ingredients. Just use your creativity, and you still can make simple dishes, with great taste. So... grab your knife and here we go!

Baked Cheese Tteokbokki ( Korean Spicy Rice Cake with Cheese )

Cooking  time  : 20-30minutes
Servings            : 4

Ingredients  :
500gr Sticky Rice Cake Sticks ( You can bought it at the Korean Supermarket)
1 Onion, sliced
3 Green Onions, cut into 3inch long pieces
1package of Shimeji Mushroom ( around 200gr )
3cups of Water
1package of Dashi ( or the Dried Anchovies and Kelp, if you have )
3tbsp  Gochujang ( Korean Hot Pepper Paste )
1tbsp  Chili Flakes 
1tbsp  Corn Syrup ( or Sugar )
1tbsp  Soy Sauce
3tbsp  Honey
200gr Mozzarella Cheese

Directions : 
1. Boiled water in the pan, add Dashi, Gochujang, Chili Flakes.
2. Put in Rice Cake sticks, onions, green onions, corn syrup, soy sauce, honey. Stir gently, around 5 minutes.
3. Put in Shimeji, and keep stirring until 10 minutes, or until the sauce thicken and the rice cake soften. If you find it too spicy you can add more honey, if you want it more spicy, just add the gochujang.
4. Preheat the oven to 250°C, put the Tteokbokki on oven-proof pan or dish. Grate some Mozarella Cheese on top, and put in the oven for 5 - 10 minutes, or just until the cheese are melted. 
5. Take out from the oven, serve and enjoy while it's hot!


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