Food/Restaurant Review : Signature - Kempinski Hotel

A couple months ago, me and my friends had a lil bit 'celebrations' mode, so we decided to do Buffet dinner. Yes it's All You Can Eat time! haha... Some people found it Heaven ( like me), some people ( whose on a tight diet ) think it's a Hell. But hey... YOLO! ;p ( read: You Only Live Once #LatelyFaveWords ) Just like Jamie Oliver's say... 'Life is too short to eat craps'. So why not doing AYCE once in a while right ? ;)

Atmosphere :
To be honest, I'm quite liking the interior that Signature Restaurant has. It's spacious yet cozy. I like the mix of marbles, dark wood and the floral pattern touch. And oh...! They also had a huge, cute and comfy kids room too!

Price :
Dinner IDR 276.000++/ person

Food :
For the appetizer I choose Mushroom Cream Soup. It's actually quite fine and creamy, even though the texture not quite thick.

Still on the appetizer menu, I took some of Foie Gras Mousse, Baby Octopus, Shiitake Mushroom, Beef and Asparagus and Salmon Ikura. All of it tasted great, except the beef and asparagus, it's a bit too dry.

From the Salad station, I took some of lettuce, corn and anchovies. They're actually serve quite extensive selections here.

From the Japanese station, I took only Sashimi. Salmon, Tuna, Tuna blackpepper tataki, Snapper and... Scallop ! To be honest, it's my first time for having scallop sashimi, and it's quite nice that Signature's serves this! Yes I fall in love at the first time. Fresh, fluffy, sweet. Yum!

From the seafood station, I took some mussels, shrimp, prawn and smoked salmon. Tasted fresh, even though I want some oystersssss. haha... too bad they only serves oysters at brunch time.

Then from the pasta station, Penne with Pesto sauce. I alwayssss love pestooo, and they're serves good pesto here. Tasted fresh!

From the carving station, I took some of the Roast Beef and Chicken with some vegetables. They're actually had the gravy, but it doesn't tasted good so I didn't use it, it's bland and lack of seasoning. The beef and chicken tasted fine, even though need some more smokey taste in it. The veggies jut had a strong spiced taste in it.

Next is Lamb Chop with Mashed Potatoes. The lamb chop tasted just ok. A lil bit chewy though.

They're actually still had many other kind of dishes, like their famous Sop Buntut, but too bad I'm too full to taste it, so I think next time maybe I will ;)
So are you ready for dessert???? One of the winner of the night is Sticky Toffee Date Pudding. The signature sweetness from date fruits took my heart away, the toffee sauce..... OMG. It's warm and moist, heavenly!

The other desserts like sorbets & ice creams or another variety of cakes also yum. I think they serves one of the best variety desserts in town.

Signature Restaurant
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Jl. MH Thamrin 1, Jakarta.
Phone : (021) 2358 3898
Twitter : @KempinskiJKT
Facebook : Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta


  1. Kayaknya tmptnya enak ya di dkt kolam situ hwhw :p

  2. mucheckaWow nice review. Thanks u Yummy Traveler, I love this resto so much. Taste good and hav many various of dessert

  3. jadi total abisnya per orang berapa ya? minum ga termasuk ya?
    everything looks nommyy !!

  4. @Lovebbi : Worth try koq dear.

    @Inez : yang di outdoor maksudnya? ahaha

    @K : jatohnya 300an gitu lah. minum yang free air putih aja hehe.

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