Food Tasting Invitation : Break Fasting with Hotel Pullman Jakarta

Sorry for posting this late. The loongggg Ied Mubarak Holiday giving me 'snooze' mode I think. haha... So yea... during the Ramadan month, I was invited by Pullman Hotel, Central Park, Jakarta to some break fasting event also with the press and media. Whats interesting is they invited Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pullman Dubai to come to Jakarta, and prepared all the Mediterranean cuisine during the Ramadan month.

After doing some prayers, we start to break the fast when it's already 6pm. To be honest, I'm not really familiar with Mediterranean dishes, that's why I'm pretty excited to try some! :D There's many type of Mediterranean cuisine around, but Chef Ayman Ahmed prepared some typical food around Middle East like Lebanese, Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Syria, etc.

So what I try first is.... Pita bread with many kinds of dips or condiments. Pita bread is the most common food around Mediterranean or Middle East cuisine. It's a round pocket bread made from wheat that is thin, soft but a little chewy when you bite it. To complement the pita bread, there's also Arabic Beetroot Salad, Hummus, and the other kind of condiments that I'm not really sure about the name :p I love the Beetroot salad! It gives a nice sour taste, and Hummus, which is a mashed chickpeas also tasted great.

There's also Fish Sengari, which I found really yummy! The fish was really fresh and perfectly cook. I also ate it with my Pita bread and tasted awesome !
They also served Red Lentil Soup which has a refreshing tomato taste in it.
The other dishes are, Chicken Makloba, which is Chicken cooked with basmati rice and eggplants and cauliflowers. I love how they put cauliflowers in it, because it gives a nice crunch textures to it.
Next is Lamb Tajine. OMG! I loveeee this dish! The Lamb was veryyyy tender, and raisins gives a nice unique sweet taste to it.
The other dishes that served that day is Cous- Cous, Chicken Salona and Fish with Harra Sauce. All was great too. Flavorful !
Besides Mediterranean food, they also served Indonesian food.
For the dessert, one of the Mediterranean dessert that I try is Malabi. It has a textured like panna cotta, which is smooth, gooey and tasted veryyy milky ! Total love !
The other dessert is Indonesian one, which is Pisang Ijo ( Makassar's Green Banana). This was tasted really good too!
Overall, I had good time experiencing all of this yummy Mediterranean cuisine. Thanks to Pullman, Central Park Jakarta for inviting!

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