Food/Rest. Review : Origin House and Kitchen

I always enjoying my time when I go to Bandung. There's sooooo many good restaurant with a good ambience and at affordable price too! Their streets food also uh-ma-zing. Very creative and never stop innovating :D
On my last visit to Bandung, I spare my time to visit this place. Origin is really interesting! It's not only a restaurant! But it's also an Organic Supermarket, Household Store and Bakery in one place ! They had a really nice concept of 'green' and healthy living ( which I love ). I can see that they're staying true to the concept, commit to it, and the result definitely, excellent!
The supermarket area offers many kinds of Organic products, yes mostly imported product. The household area, quite interesting! haha... Sorry I'm a person who can't stand cute and quirky products :p So I'm quite spending time on looking at their households product. Well.. I can see many kinds of Ikea products here, and because it's imported, the price are more pricey though. But I think it's quite cool to bring Ikea's product here.
Ok enough talking about that, so now let's get into the business, FOOD.

Atmosphere :
I. Love. This. Place. Period! The restaurant ( or bistro ) area was quite spacious also with a 2nd floor. In line with the 'green' concept, the restaurant area are indeed 'green'. Plants everywhere haha :D It's a half open air too. I could say the ambience are great ! Fresh, cozy and relaxing.

Price :
around IDR 40.000 - 60.000/person.

Food :
At first, sorry I LOST the bill so I cannot put the price on this post :( I come to this place around 3 or 4pm, and my condition that time is.... quite full. So we're only order a 'light' meal that time :)

Buffala Mozzarella Salad. I love this salad ! The mozzarella are chunky big, the dressing also light and fresh like Italian dressing. What I like is they also drizzle the salad with Truffle Oil! Nom Nom.... Maybe not many people love truffle oil though, but I just love it :p

Chicken and Corn Cream Soup. Also tasted good. It's creamy, and still has a textured from the corn. Tasted a lil' bit sweet too. Simply nice.
Mushroom Fritter. I know it doesn't look that appetizing, but it's actually good! The crunch is right, and the bbq sauce quite perfect. A lil' bit sweet and sour.
Rösti Potatoes. At first I didn't know what is Rösti, but after I googled, I found out that Rösti is one of national food from Switzerland. It's just a simple pan fried or baked grated potatoes. Even though it's that simple, I still love this dish. There's a nice crunch on the outside and smooth in the inside. The texture quite similar when you had a hash brown.
And I also order some 'special edition' dessert that time, Dome Chocolate Liquor Mousse with Praline, Strawberry Coulis and Vanilla Ice Cream. Look at that presentation!! I'm in love with it ! The Chocolate Liquor Mousse was amazing. The liquor taste not very strong, a perfect balance with the chocolate. The Vanilla Ice Cream also tasted not a usual local ice cream ( maybe Häagen-Dazs ? )

And for the drinks, Fruity Mineral Water. Look how 'different' it is :D Comes with a small water dispenser, this drink can be good for 2 or 3 person. Actually it taste just like a mineral water, but has a very light lemony taste in it. It's that simple, but interesting right? ;p
The rest, sorry I can't remember the name of it TT____TT But I just posted the pics okay :P

Well overall I really really enjoying my time at Origin :) The food presentation are great, it's also comes with a good price too. If I go to Bandung again, I'll definitely come again to taste their main courses menu :)

Origin House & Kitchen
Jl. Sumatera No.21, Bandung.
Phone : 022 - 4235935
Facebook : Origin House & Kitchen


  1. Lucu banget fruity mineralnya, jadi kayak mainan

  2. Organic Resto concept! Must visit when I go to Bandung next time =D

  3. Couldn't agree more..
    Origin is definitely one of the best restaurant in Bandung. I love everything from their concept to their foods and beverages presentations. Totally worthy! :)

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