Food Tasting : Momi and Toys Crêperie

There's new crêperie in townnnnn! Yes it's Momi and Toys crêperie originally from Japan, opening their first branch here in Jakarta. It's not a franchise! It's a branch ! So Mr. Toichi Kawakami, the founder himself come to Jakarta to providing the best quality crepes for the Indonesian customers.

Momi and Toys crêperie established since 2007 and already has 80 outlets in Japan, 6 outlets in Shanghai and 3 outlets in Taipei. Quite a number, huh ? :D Don't ask me why the name is using the word 'toys' :p Maybe many of you confused, well..... so am I :D

Such an honor that I'm invited to taste this crêperie one day before the store open. The interior itself quite nice, warm and cute with a touch of wood and green color. The waiters also had a culture of yelling together to welcome you, just like at the usual Japanese resto isn't it ?:D

Usually people eat crêpes for dessert, but at Momi & Toys, they also had savory crepes. The first one is Cheese Egg Rice Roll - IDR 34.000,-. So this is rice, egg, cheese with a hint of chili sauce, wraps in really thin and smooth crêpes. I could say I like this crêpes a lot. The crêpes itself wasn't taste like crêpes at all. It's sooooo thin so it was almost like an omelette to me. The rice seems cooked with butter and the egg, was nice to see the 'orange' color isn't it ? It's just simply nice.

Then, Tuna Cheese Salad - IDR 39.000,-. Taste just okay for me :)

For the sweet one, you have to know that Momi and Toys provides Torokeru crêpes. Torokeru means creamy with superb melting texture while eating. Mr Kawakami himself developed this secret recipe after years and years. So the first one is, Banana Peanuts Caramel Cream - IDR 34.000,-. Well I could say the cream, is delish indeed! It's milky enough, but not 'heavy' at all. Very light and melts in your mouth. And for the topping, if you love buttery peanuts sauce, then you will love this :)

Next is one of their signature which is Strawberry Cream - IDR 34.000,-. The cream is abundant and quite nice to match with the sourness of strawberry.

Banana Chocolate Cream with Ice Cream - IDR 39.000,-. Taste just okay.

Then, Matcha Cream with Ice Cream - IDR 34.000,-. Too bad I couldn't taste the matcha ( green tea ) enough. They just sprinkled it on top, so the matcha taste not strong enough. I think if they're using some matcha paste or matcha ice cream would be perfect isn't it ;)

Besides their crêpes, they also served us with some complimentary snack :)

For the drinks, I order Ice Matcha Latte - IDR 29.000,-. Once again, I could not taste the matcha. Only milk.

You know that I love posting my food pics on Instagram right? So I have a good friend on Instagram who also a Japanese, a true foodie, and living in Tokyo. His name is Hiroyuki Yamazaki ( IG id: @hiro_ymzk , go follow him! :p ). So when Momi & Toys open their branch here, I message Hiro-san asking has he ever try the crêpes, and surprisingly he's never try it :p So he promised me to try and posting it on his Instagram. And look at his picture below ( he's a great photographer isn't it ), he order the same Cheese Egg Rice Roll and Chocolate crêpes. According to Hiro-san, the Cheese Egg Rice Roll crepes has ketchup taste on the rice, different from here huh? And look at the chocolate crêpes, they had a really nice style of wrapping ( the cream looks very tempting :p ), it's quite different from here :p.
different wrapping style ?

Well overall, you have to know that the crêpes from Momi and Toys is very soft, thin and flimsy. If you love kind of crêpes that is dry and crispy, I think this kind of crêpes were not for you. But I think it's a worth try though, because the cream is quite nice according to my opinion :)

Oh yeah, before we go home, we also given with some okashi ( souvenir ). It was Hiyoko, a traditional Japanese confection with a sweet lima bean paste, and surrounded in a pastry bun shaped like a baby chick. It is really cute! and sweet indeed.

So last words, thanks for Mr. Darwin and Momi and Toys crêperie for inviting! :)

Momi and Toys Crêperie
Plaza Senayan Level 3 Unit #320 C (4), Jakarta.
Facebook : Momiandtoys_ind
Twitter : @momiandtoys_ind


  1. penasaran deh sama sweet crepesnya, penasaran pengen nyobain krimnya sebenernya hehe.. kayaknya enak dan ga bikin eneg ya.. nanti kl ke PS mampir deh ^^

  2. Read and try the banana peanut butter, it's really good. The cream is melt in your mouth and match perfectly with the salty peanut butter. Will def come back to try the savoury crepes. Good suggestion!!!



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