Mad about Macs ( Macarons ) !

If you are an Instagram addict ( like I am ), maybe you are noticing that many of Macarons pic dominating the popular page. Is it just me or maybe the world has already hypnotize by this cute, colorful, sweet, yet delish thingy ? :D

Let's just forget a lil' bit of Red Velvet Cake or Rainbow Cake here, I think macarons also one of the 'it' and trendy dessert. They also have been sightseen in Marie Antoniette Movie by Sofia Coppola, Sex and the City movie and in Gossip Girl. So I think many of you are curious too, what's this macarons is all about ???

Macarons ( not macaroon ?! or macaroni :p ) is a sweet meringue based made with egg whites, ground almond / almond powder and sugar. It is said that the macaron as it is known today was created by Pierre Desfontaines of the French pâtisserie Ladurée at the end of the 17th Century. Until now, Ladurée not only selling their signature macarons, but also many range of luscious dessert and delicatessen, until .... parfume!

Big thanks to a posh fashion blogger Cindy Karmoko ( who lives in Milan ), finally me myself could tasted Ladurée's macarons ! When I receive it, I could not stop looking at it, I could not stop taking photo of it, I could not stop tweet about it :p Yes it's definitely a box of heaven ! The packaging is simple but so luxurious. Loves the detail !

It has many kinds of flavor. Vanilla, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, Lime, Salted Caramel, Liqourice, Rose Petal, Orange Blossom, Raspberry, Blackcurrant Violet, Coconut. I think Ladurée's macarons really set the bar for every macarons worldwide. Even though it's not fresh from the oven ( 3 or 4 days ), it's still tasted fresh ! A great macarons should be crispy on the outside, but soft and smooth texture ( not too sticky and chewy ) on the inside. Also needs to had the macarons 'feet' ( some rough ruffly on the edges ), and to me, still had a textured from the ground almond ( like a very very tiny bits of almond ). And you know what, I think Ladurée's macarons has all the criteria :) and one more! Laduree's macarons has a really generous filling! Perfect!
*macarons are sooo fragile. not all survived the long flight*

With sooooo many flavor ( and all of them was really delish too! ), my top 3 picks (hard choice!) are..... Salted Caramel, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate! Salted caramel has a perfect balance of sweet and salty taste. Pistachio, it's just simply good ( sorry lost my words for describe it ). Dark Chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate?? It has a perfect taste of sweet and bitterness of chocolate. Another interesting flavor is Coconut ( has a bit of shredded coconut in it. nom nom ), Rose Petal ( it's soapy at first, but after that you'll dig some more ), Raspberry ( quite sour and refreshing. Perfect for clean the palate ). Last question, how much are those??? For a box of 24 macarons cost 56 ;D ( pricey huh? But it's worth though )
So enough about Ladurée, what about Jakarta ? What's Jakarta do to welcoming the waves of macarons? Apparently ..... it's quite good now! Now I've seen many places of patisserie serving macarons, and... restaurant too, but the hilarious one is, even in facebook people selling macarons. LOL. So here is some of my macarons experiences in Jakarta, hope you guys enjoy it !:)

Kempi Deli ( Grand Indonesia )
Price : IDR 10.000/each ( 1 USD )
Flavor : Raspberry ( The best ! ) , Pistachio ( Nice! ) and Passion Fruit ( Too soapy )
Texture : Nice crunch on the outside, perfect smoothness on the inside.
Feet & Presentation : Nice !
Fillings : Tasted nice, but the pistachio one doesn't has a generous filling.

Bakerzin ( from my Bakerzin Artisan Bread post )
Price : IDR 7.500/each ( 0,75 USD )
Flavor : Lemon Cheesecake ( Strong Lemon Taste, can't taste the cheese ), Pistachio ( need more strong of pistachio flavor ) , Blueberry ( so so ), Framboise Raspberry ( ok! ), Chocolate ( nice ! ), Strawberry Basil ( Interesting flavor! Nice !)
Texture : Medium level of crisp on the outer, a lil bit chewy on the filling.
Feet & Presentation : Nice ! Especially a mixed color on Lemon Cheesecake one. Cute.
Fillings : Needs to work on the taste of the filling.

Manon ( at Kelapa Gading )
Price : IDR 7.000/each ( 0,7 USD )
Flavor : Tiramisu ( tasted nice ! ), Pistachio ( failed ),Coffee( quite strong coffee. nice )
Texture : doesn't have the crunch on the shell, and it's chewy. dislikes.
Feet and Presentation : so-so.
Fillings : The cream filling are too buttery. I think it's better if using something that has a textured like caramel or jam.

Monolog ( Plaza Senayan )
Price : IDR 12.000/each ( 1,2 USD )
Flavor : Salted Caramel ( failed ) , Jasmine Green Tea ( quite ok )
Texture : doesn't have the crunch on the shell, and it's really really chewy and sticky. dislikes.
Feet and Presentation : ok
Fillings : The green tea one tasted quite nice.

Yes I think that's all of my personal opinion about macarons. And you ? How about you? What do you think about macarons? What's the best macs experience that you had ? So far Kempi Deli was the best one in Jakarta to me. Worldwide, I also heard that Pierre Herme 's macarons also good too. And also from Sydney, Adriano Zumbo, with many interesting flavor of macarons like Satay or Cola flavor ?!:D

*From Google* :p

From my Instagram @Nvicl


  1. How lucky you are could taste ladure macaroon :)

  2. I'm totally more into macs than rainbow/red velvet cakes. would love to try laduree someday, and FYI zumbo even have flavours like fried chicken and cheeseburger! :P

  3. haaaaa i want to try to... that so expensive... will pray everyday so i can buy that someday... :)

  4. Hey, maybe you could check out my blog --> 2 bulan lalu saya ke prancis, tapi study trip. kalo menurut saya, lebih enak pierre herme ketimbang laduree, memang orang2 tau nya laduree soalnya dia ke expose di jalanan champ elysees, tapi kalo no.1 nya macaron yah pierre herme. I've tasted both of them and it's true. macaron nya laduree lebih keras atasnya, kalo pierre herme slightly lebih lembek. just wanna share with you. ;)

  5. @irene: kamu tau adriano zumbo waktu itu datang ke event di thenestgrill jakarta? he's a genious! would love to try his macaron!! >,<

  6. @ Inez : Yes I also can said that I'm so lucky :D

    @irene: aaaa enaknya irene bisa cobain zumboooo

    @Lovebbi : Yes very expensive for us. but it worth to try :)

    @agnes : i think I'm a big fan of crunchy macs deh. heheh... ga tau ya pierre hermes kaya apa rasanya hehe. thx for share

  7. Dear Natasha,

    I love (and slightly envious your Macs coverage). I've seen Bakerzin's macaroons since maybe 5-7 years ago. Not as many flavor as today, since there weren't so many baker sell them. Now, I'm still loyal to Bakerzin's. Theirs aren't too sweet and just perfect for me.
    btw, I'm adding your blog to my blog roll @ It's not about reviewing restaurant, just stories around food.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Dear all,

    Anyone of you know the contact person for teaching the ladies how to make macarons.
    I manage activities for my residents and woukd love to have macarons this time..

    Thank you


  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Wow,, liat aja uda enak, apa lagi cicipin...



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