Starbucks Summer Gathering

It's near summer time worldwide! Even though in Indonesia we have summer all the time :p but that's not the reason to not celebrate it right ?;) As always, Starbucks offers new products every season, so put your sunglasses on, let's try their summer product!

For this Summer season, Starbucks launch 2 new Frappuccino which is Mocha Cookie Crumble and Chocolate Cookie Crumble ( Non Coffee ) Frappuccino. Both of it taste good, but even though they name it with 'cookie', the cookie only as a topping. I think if they put the cookie in the frappuccino, blend it together, would be more yum don't you think ?:p

We also get a chance to try their whole bean coffee, which is Tribute Blend. This blend is quite special, because it's made for Starbucks 40th Anniversary. Because a lotsssss of demand of this coffee, they're decided to bring it back this year. Starbucks Tribute Blend is a blend of four types of coffee from 3 growing regions which is aged Sumatra, sun - dried beans Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Colombia. Well I could say that as an Indonesian, I'm very proud because our coffee ( which is Sumatra ) was on the list :p This kind of blend has a spicy and full bodied coffee, with berry and dark cherry notes. What I like about this blend is has a medium level of bitterness, with fruity taste at the back. Interesting! ( PS: My dad tried the VIA, and he loves it ! )

Now it's time for the food products! For this summer, apparently Starbucks Indonesia wanna bring Indonesian twist to their food menu ! And yes, It's interesting! The first one is Ogura Pandan Cake - IDR 21.000,-. This is a layer of pandan cake with cream and ogura ( red bean ). The result is this cake really moist, light and interestingly not too sweet.

Next is Sumatra Coffee Chocolate Mousse - IDR 25.000,-. This is chocolate pound cake soaked in coffee as the base, cream cheese, and chocolate mousse with Sumatra coffee on top. Well I'm a mousse lover, it's very light, so I'm quite liking this! U barely can't taste the cream cheese though, so it's only taste chocolate and coffee.

Many customers comes to Starbucks in the morning, so they also provide something more fulfilling like, Bolognaise Cheese Sandwich - IDR 29.000,-. I'm quite liking this ! It's soooo yummy! The bolognaise taste perfect!

One of the highlight of the day, Tuna Balado Sandwich - IDR 31.000,-. For you Indonesian I bet you already familiar with 'Balado'. Balado is a terms that we used nowadays for food that cooked with chili. And yes, this sandwich is Spicy ! Suitable for our taste buds isn't it? :p

One of the interesting part of the day is, we could learn to make our own Frappuccinoooooo !!! Yay! I've been waiting for this! :p Finally I know how it feels to be Starbucks barista. HA! That day I make Caramel Frappuccino ( What do you think with the results? :p ) and, I got my certificate !

And, goodie bag of course !

Taking place at Starbucks Pasaraya Grande, big thanks for Mba Sari and Starbucks Indonesia for inviting!

Starbucks Pasaraya Grande
Ground Floor, Jl. Iskandarsyah II no.2,
Blok M, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.
Facebook : Starbucks Indonesia
Twitter : @SbuxIndonesia



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