The Baked Goods New Product Launch : Diabetics Products

Maybe many of you already know about this dessert place at Jalan Sabang. Yes, I've also been review it once on my previous post here. For this time, The Baked Goods wanna introduce their new range of products, which is Diabetics products.

I'm quite surprised that day, because apparently I'm the only Food Blogger there, the rest is reporter and photographer from Magazine or another media. Well I could say I'm pretty honored with this opportunity, but in the same time I feel awkward because I know NO ONE. lol. But suddenly there's a photographer from Bakery Magazine who recognize me, and surprisingly knows my blog! Wow. I'm surprised! ( btw nice to know you, mas ! :p )

Now back to the event, that afternoon Mrs. Ivy Batuta open the event, and Mr. Erwin Parengkuan share a story of his parents who struggling with Diabetes. After that, Dr.Samuel Oetoro, MS Spgk, also gave us a good knowledge and facts about Diabetes. Do you know that Indonesia is the fourth largest contributor to diabetics in the world with an estimated seven million people, after China, India, and the United States?? Wow! I didn't know that ! Being at the 4th place, I think we should take this seriously! Yeah especially with a boom trend of red velvet or rainbow cake here in Jakarta ( ow yea! ), I think we should wisely choose our food, or we regret it later.

After that, Mrs Jana Parengkuan introduce us to their new diabetics products from The Baked Goods. All of the products was found by herself, and yes, it's not an easy job! Usually when we eat Diabetics food, it wasn't good at all. Sometimes it's just bland or just too doughy. To made a 0% sugar, low calories, yet still delicious cake and cookies??? That's a one thing!

For the cakes, they made a Diabetics version of their famous Carrot Cake. And the taste? Just like an usual cake! It is moist and the sweetness are perfect! I also love the textures of this cake and cinnamon taste in it. Do you notice that there's no cream cheese frosting here? Right! Jana replace it with walnuts and shredded carrots to make a healthier version of carrot cake. Well... I'm not complain! :p

The other new cakes is Diabetic Oat Cranberry Cake. This cake also moist, quite dense and has a perfect sour and sweetness from the cranberry. Wasn't taste like diabetics product at all, huh ? :D

For the cookies, there are Diabetic Oatmeal Cookies, which quite crunchy and also with some cranberry here. Pretty nice!

Diabetic Dark Chocolate with Cashews Cookies. Dark chocolate is very recommended for people with diabetes according to Dr. Samuel. This cookie has a bit bitter taste in it though, but it's crunchy enough.

Diabetic Lemon Poppyseed Cookies. Oh I love this one. This cookies has a cute shape, and a strong lemony taste.

All this cookies not only delicious, but it's also only 14.7 kcal/ piece! We also got a goodie bag of the cookies for ourselves.

Last words, I think all the new products here is quite impressive. It shows commitment to produce a 'true' Diabetics products which not easy at all. My dad also struggling with Diabetes, so that day also 'ring a bell' for me to be more wisely choosing my food, and live healthily. You are what you eat, right? ;) So thanks The Baked Goods for inviting! See you another time !
( Oh psstt....! The Baked Goods would opening their mini store at Senayan City soon!)

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