Food/Rest. Review : Warung Mak Beng

Let's forget a bit about suckling pig or pork ribs when we talk about Bali culinary. Yes they are extremely yummy, but in this post I want to introduce you to another local food that's worth to call a legend, yet it's halal. Established since 1941, big thanks to one genius lady, Mak Beng ( or Ketut Tjuki ), who inherited this rare recipes from her mother and mother-in-law. I go to this place early in the morning ( around 8am ), because I've heard they ran out so fast. Thank God when I come to this place, the queue was still okay. Got my seats and ready to fill my tummy !

Atmosphere :
Just a modest local restaurant. Very- very simple and not too spacious though. But when you see the wall ( read : wall of fame :p ) , you just knew that this place is something!

Price :
IDR 30.000/ person ( around 3 USD )

Food :
They ONLY sell ONE package here. Rice, fish head soup, fried fish, IDR 28.000,-. That's it ! ;D So here it is.
Fish Head Soup. It is said they're using Red Snapper ( or Ikan Jangki ) or Skipjack Tuna ( or Ikan Cakalang ) for the fish. You can say the fish are definitely fresh! Soft and fresh. The soup, very- very savory, with a taste of spices and chili. Cucumber and Starfruit also added to the soup. Savory, sour and spicy, interesting flavor isn't it?! Totally a winner IMO.

Fried fish. Even though the fish are deep fried, but it's still had soft texture at the center. One of the highlight of course their Sambal ( chili condiment )! Very-very "HOT" which is perfect for Indonesian tongue :D Love it !

Warung Mak Beng
Jl. Hang Tuah No. 45,
Sanur, BALI.
Phone : (0361) 282633


  1. Klo ke Bali lagi cobain deh.. Depot Bu Noor, lokasinya tepat di sebrang mak beng, tempatnya jauh lebih kecil drpada makbeng, tp sop ikannya manteb bgt.

  2. @Jenz : iya Jenz gw liat post elo soal depot bu noor. entar cobain deh klo kesana lagi hehehe

  3. jauh sekali... Tapi sepertinya September ini aku ke Bali masukin list must taste kalo kesana :)

  4. Simple tp 'ngangenin' :)
    Next time gw jg mau coba yg didepan Mak Beng!



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