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One of the must-go restaurant in Jakarta !

As a food blogger, I've been visiting so many restaurants in my life, especially around Jakarta. But I have a confession to make, I'm kinda bored with 'same old' dishes and menu. Had enough aglio olio, steak, or another gimmicky dishes. Restaurant nowadays just offering cool interiors with safe menu, so sometimes I don't have that excitement when the 'so-called' new restaurant just opening. If you following my blog, maybe you notice that I'm not that updated with the new restaurants compared to other blogger. So yeah, that's why.
When I came to Bam! in Plaza Indonesia, I have no expectation. I've googled it before and it says it was a Japanese and Spanish fusion restaurant. And I said to myself, 'what??!', a Japanese and Spanish??  I've tried so many Japanese fusion dishes before, some perfectly works, but not a few it was failed.  But yeah, turns out my dining experience that day was changing my life. I was left inspired and satisfied. Finally, there's a restaurant in Jakarta that really pays attention to the food !

Bam! Actually a franchised restaurant from Singapore. The Jakarta branch was headed by Chef Arturo Godo Hernandez, a native Spanish. The menu was different than the Singapore one, since Chef Arturo created the menu himself, but still with the concept of modern Spanish Japanese cuisine. Chef Arturo really passionate when talking about his creations, and I do pay respect for him since he like to use local ingredients to creating the dishes! 

The menu was changing every 3 months, because chef Arturo wanna use the ingredients at it's best conditions. 'Farm to Table' as we call it. Oh yeah, a bit disclaimer for you, if you happen to visit this restaurant, be open minded. Because in here, you really have to appreciate the ingredients. Use your taste buds ! Not only for fulfilling your tummy.

So the 'Omakase' Lunch was started with Sweet Corn, Ricotta, Truffle Oil, Shrimp Soup - IDR 120.000,-. I always love the smell of truffle oil ! Really tickling your tastebuds ! The corn soup, oh my... it's so sweet and savory at the same time. The shrimp was perfectly cooked with a savory seasoning. Some Habanero powder gives a 'hot' kick in your throat. Yum!

The next one was also too interesting! Roasted Spring Onion, Hummus, Vandouban - IDR 50.000,-. Who would have thought that a spring onion could be the star of the dish??! But really, this is one of the dish that really inspired me, and I love the flavor play ! Sweetness from the spring onion, Nuttyness from the Hummus, a touch of saltyness from the Kalamata Olives, and a citrusy taste from that micro herbs that shaped like a clover! Oh not to mention, the savory mushroom foam! I'm hooked with the 'umami' taste of the foam!

Next is Seasonal Vegetables, Bacon, Porcini - IDR 50.000,-. This dish was also suprised me since chef Arturo use 'Leunca' ( or in English, Black Nightshade ) in this dish! Love how savory the dish was with a touch of bacon and porcinni foam ! Vegetables never tastes this good !

Pasta 'a la plancha', Sofrito, Shrimp, Sake Butter - IDR 120.000,-. This one is not your typical pasta dish, since Chef Arturo pan-fried ( a la plancha ) the rigatoni! The pasta had that crispy edge that I found very enjoyable ! The shrimp, again, was perfectly cooked and seasoned. The sake butter was quite mild to my palate, but yeah, the shrimp and the pasta really shine in this dish!

 Another life-changing dishes is this, Beef Tongue, Salad, Figs, Nutmeg, Cacao Nibs, Walnut - IDR 160.000,-. From the looks, I thought that the beef tongue would be dry and tough, but I was wrong!! It was super tender and juicy ! Chef Arturo used fresh nutmeg on this dish, and it's surprisingly match with the beef tongue! I also love a touch of sweetness from the figs. Again, never thought that a beef tongue could be cooked like this !

The last one was this Smoked Fish with Garlic Chips and Garlic Puree. The fish was really smokey! And I love the fragrant garlic chips on this dish! 

For the dessert is this Banana, Rum, Cacao Hazelnut Crumble - IDR 90.000,-. The banana was caramelized perfectly and I love the sweet creme anglaise. I didn't too much fond of the banana ice cream, since there's too much 'banana' in this dish because there's also banana chips on it. I think it would be perfect if it's a hazelnut or maybe a simple chocolate ice cream. 

The mocktail drinks was quite playful and served nicely. What I like about it is it's not too sweet.

Bam! Sake and Bar
Plaza Indonesia, Level 3, Central Jakarta
Phone : +622129924222

Instagram : @Bam_Indonesia 


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