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A new restaurant by Will Meyrick !

Will Meyrick did it again ! After his successful group of restaurant like Mama San and Sarong, now he's opening a new place in Seminyak Village, named Tiger Palm. I always like Will's cooking ! That's why when I heard about this new restaurant of him, I've spared my time to visit. 

From what I've heard, Tiger Palm serving a Malaysian Singaporean style of dishes. So it's more to Peranakan-cuisine. For the interior, it's quite parallel with their previous restaurants. A touch of modern-vintage, a big mural as the centerpiece, and casual laid-back ambiance. Oh I also like the vibrant turquoise sofa !

For the starter we opted for Rojak Salad with Green Guava, Mango, Rose Apple, Yam Bean and Haeko Paste - IDR 65.000,-. Loving the presentation of this salad with the copper bucket! This 'rojak' is packed with punching flavors, tangy, spicy, sweet, which I really like ! All the ingredients was fresh with a lot of crunch textures! The haeko paste, which is a black paste made from prawns, or the Indonesian known as 'petis' was really shine in this dish. Definitely a refreshing start !

The waitress recommend us this Crispy Mamak Fried Chicken - IDR 110.000,-, so we decided to have that. She was right! This one is sooooo goooood ! The chicken was super crispy, and the meat was juicy ! They put some spices in the mixture, so it was a bit spicy and fragrant. This one was served with Biryani Rice and Egg in Curry sauce. All of the component of this dish is really enjoyable. Flavorsome and fragrant !


Next one is this Lamb Shoulder simmered with meat curry powder, cumin, coriander, tomato and fresh coriander - IDR 110.000,-. This one was also delish with thick and flavorsome curry. The taste was a bit sweet this time, but judging from how the oil has been separated with the rest of the curry, I can tell it's been simmered for a long time ! The lamb shoulder was tender and juicy, but I prefer if it was served without the bones. 

We decided to add some Biryani rice - IDR 20.000,- because it was soooo goood! Moist and fragrant !

And for the drinks,
Beetroot, Pineapple, Cucumber, Ginger - IDR 48.000,-

Cinnamon Nutmeg Latte - IDR 48.000,-

Tiger Palm Bali 
Seminyak Village, Ground Floor,
 Jl. Kayu Jati No. 8, Seminyak, Bali
Facebook : Tiger Palm Bali
Instagram : @TigerPalmBali


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