Jakarta : Nama Sushi by Sushi Masa

Sushi Masa just opened their first branch in Baywalk Mall !

Are you a big fan of Japanese food? I bet you already familiar with Sushi Masa, a restaurant in the middle of Muara Baru Harbor. Now, they just opened their first branch named Nama Sushi. Sushi Masa well known with its reputation serving the freshest and the bestest quality produce, but of course you need some certain budget if you wanna dine there. Worry no more, in Nama Sushi you will get the same quality without worrying of the bill. 

Nama Sushi was located in the new Tunnel area of Baywalk Mall. Even though it's not that spacious, but it's comfy enough. Nama sushi just opened 2-3weeks ago, so I have to mention that the service is still so slowwww. But yeah, I do patiently wait for my food. Hehe... Note that I do not often do that.

First to have is Salmon Donburi - IDR 80.000,-. I have to say the portion was a bit tiny, but the salmon definitely fresh. They put some ginger in the rice, so it was fragrant and nice.

Of course we can't miss the Salmon Sashimi - IDR 15.000,-. For that price you got 2 slices of fresh sashimi. Not complain. Also had this Salmon Maki - IDR 35.000,-.

Next is Meka Belly Sushi - IDR 20.000,-. This is 'Meka Toro', which is the belly part of Swordfish. It's more meaty than usual fish, but I always enjoy the slight-chewy texture of it. 

Salmon Hana Roll - IDR 35.000,-.  A classic favorite sushi with slight 'aburi' on the side. Loving it !

Salmon Aburi Cheese Sushi - IDR 20.000,-. Again, something with 'aburi' never fails isn't it? The cheese also slightly melted, indulging!

Beef Teriyaki - IDR 60.000,-. OMG, this is the dish that you should order ! The beef was sooo tender and it melts in your mouth! The Teriyaki dressing was also light and sweet. Yum!

Ocha Inari - IDR 10.000,-. I've had to admit that I order this because if my curiosity. Inari with Ocha ( green tea ) ?? Never tried that. But yes, it turns out nice ! You can taste a hint of green tea in the tofu skin! It was an interesting menu. Oh, they also had ume ( plum ) flavor!

Unagi Maki - IDR 45.000,-. This one was just okay since you can't really taste the unagi.

For dessert, I opted for some Yuzu Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream - IDR 26.000,-. The flavor of the yuzu really comes out, the texture was a bit icy just like sorbet, but softer.

Nama Sushi by Sushi Masa
Garden 1, Tunnel Area, Baywalk Mall,
Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu 3, Pluit, North Jakarta

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