Ten Ten Tempura Cooking Class

I loveeee cooking! and if I ever got a chance to join some cooking class, I'm definitely in ;D Not only because I love to cook, but sometimes it's good to learn the 'right' technique and recipe, since I'm only learning from Youtube ( uh huh! )

Taking place at Ten- Ten Plaza Indonesia, the event starting with Chef Dian presenting how to make the Tempura Omurice. Ten Ten already well known with their yummy tempura, so it's nice to learn how to make it from them. After the cooking demo is done, then we had a mini competition to make our own Tempura Omurice. Team up with Umi, AnakJajan and Food Venturer, we do had fun making the omurice together! ;D Wanna know how to make your own ? I will post the recipe after ;)

After the cooking class, we've also been served with the yummy food from Ten Ten. Starting with Ebi Yose as an appetizer. This one is a prawn cake with Teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise. It is sooooo yum! Bit crunchy, savory and you really can taste the prawn. Winner!

Then I had Tenbara Donburi for the main course. A crispy bits of tempura ( there's prawn, mushroom, etc) with their signature tendon sauce and rice. Quite enjoyable.

Then they also served Foret Noire and Cookies & Cheese for dessert. The Foret Noire had texture like mousse with strong chocolate taste, and Cookies & Cheese tasted like oreo cheesecake, but lighter. 

So that's the overall event that I attend, and once again, thanks to Indonesian Food Bloggers Group & Ten Ten for inviting :) 
Our Creation! :p
 Tempura Omurice

Ingredients :

Tempura :
2pieces Prawn 
40gr Sweet Potatoes
8gr Green Beans
2pcs Carrots
52gr Japanese Pumpkin ( Kabocha )
70gr Nissin Tempura Flour
140ml Cold Water 
 Vegetable Oil for Frying

Omurice : 
15ml Oil
10gr julienned carrots 
10gr green beans
10gr corn
10gr onions
180gr Rice
20gr Butter 
2 eggs
2gr corn starch mixed with water

Directions : 

To make the Tamagoyaki, Mix eggs with cornstarch and water, whisk. Heat oil on the pan, and pour the egg mixture to the pan evenly. Cook until done.

To make the Butter Rice, heat oil on the pan, saute the onions, carrots, green beans and corns until cooked. Put in rice, salt and pepper to taste, mix well. Add butter and mix again. 

To make Tempura, Mix Tempura Flour with cold water, put all the ingredients into the batter. Heat oil on the pan, with low heat, deep fry the ingredients one by one. Swirl some batter onto the ingredients to make extra crunch ( which I love ;p ). Take it out when it turns to golden color.

To assemble, spoon the Butter Rice into the Tamagoyaki and fold gently ( you can use the omurice mold as well ) , put tempura on the side, serve with chili/tomato sauce on top of the rice. Usually they also use Demi-glaze sauce for the omurice, but since they're not explaining how to make it, so I didn't write it on the recipe above :)

Ten Ten Tempura House 
Basement Level unit 16-17, Plaza Indonesia
Phone  : ( 021 ) 751 23 69
Facebook : Ten Ten Jakarta 
Twitter    : @tentenjakarta


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