Food Tasting Invitation : The Flavours of Philippines at Satoo

Couple weeks ago I was invited by Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, to taste some of the Philippines ( or we can say Filipino ) food promotion during 15- 25th April 2013. Supported by the Philippines embassy, we also can enjoy some of their traditional dance, which is Bayanihan dance. It was a great experience for me! Since I only knew Halo- Halo ( Filipino's dessert ) ;D

BayanihanFolk Dance !
Jeepney! Their traditional transport :D
 Yes, even though our country not that far away, I'm kind of wondering why we don't have many Filipino food around here. We have so many Thailand, Malaysian, Singaporean even Vietnamese food around here, but not Filipino. I'm starting to have interest in Filipino's food since I have so many Filipino's friends from Instagram. And from them, I also knew that we do have much similarity both in our languages and also our food :D

Filipino's cuisine are a mixed of  Malay, Spanish, Chinese and American as well. So sometimes the taste was quite familiar to us, but some is not. So I bet you're curious too about Filipino's food right? Shall we start? ;)


The dinner start with some Filipino's Appetizer. There's Silken Tofu with Prawns, Kilawing Lapu- Lapu ( Fish Salad ) , Talong at Kamatis at Itlog na Maalat Salad ( Tomato and Eggplant Salad with Salted Egg). The Silken Tofu with Prawns was really yum. It's just taste like chinese one. The Kilawing Lapu- Lapu was quite sour and chewy. The Tomato and Eggplant Salad with Salted Egg was quite strange to me. Popping flavor.

Then, Lumpiang Ubod ( Fresh Eggroll with Heart of Palm Filling ). The wrap was taste like crepes, the filling.. I think they use Bamboo Shoot instead the heart of palm and also shrimp. With pomelo on the side and sweet thick sauce pour on it, I don't know... I can't say I like it, but I can't say I hate it either ;p The flavor was quite strong, sweet, sour, salty. 
Seafood Sinigang ( Seafood Sour Soup ). Seriously, this soup can make your eyes popped! When you see it, you thought it's gonna taste like Tom Yum, but it's not! The pink soup was made from Guava ( interesting huh ), but the taste was too sour and salty in my opinion. 

Hinurnong Talangka ( Baked Crab ). The filling was savory.

Beef Kaldareta ( Filipino's Beef Stew ). This one is really yum! The beef is tender, sweet and savory at the same time. 

Lechon Manok ( Roasted Chicken ). Cooked perfectly!

And from the buffet, I also tasted Pork Knuckles Humba, Chicken and Pork Adobo, Beef Kare Kare ( Beef cooked in Peanuts Sauce ). All is Masarap! ( delicious )

 And for the dessert, Choux Pastry with Yam, Peanut Cake, Pandan Gelatin in Sweet Milk. All is yum! But my most fave is the Pandan Gelatin in Sweet Milk. 

And also, I can't miss the Halo - Halo. This one is similar to our Ice Campur , but the different is they also add corn, ube ( purple yam ), Leche Flan ( Caramel Flan ) and some ube Ice Cream. Too bad that time they're running out of the Leche Flan and Ice Cream :(

 But overall, I really having great time trying this new cuisine that I never had before. So if I go traveling to Philippines I'm not that clueless anymore ;p So thanks once again for Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta for inviting :)

Satoo Restaurant 
Shangri-La Hotel, Kota BNI
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Jakarta

 Facebook : Shangri- La Hotel, Jakarta
Twitter     : @ShangriLaJKT


  1. Hi sayangku! I hope u get to read this! Ur blog about ur Filipino food experience was pretty awesome! I am a little concerned that some of the offerings were not to ur liking. Some of them weren't the authentic kind, like d sinigang.. Or the lumpiang ubod... But most of them u liked, so i am glad :) thanks for tagging me too! How i miss u.. Hugs



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