Food Tasting Invitation : White Asparagus Season at Bengawan

It's White Asparagus season! If you didn't know what's the difference between the green or white one, the difference is only by how they grew it. The green one using light / sunlight to grow, the white one was covered in soil so there's no contact with the light. It is said that the white asparagus is considered to be slightly milder in flavor and a bit more tender than the green one.

Since it's not available throughout the year, usually white asparagus can be available around April to June. Chef Lamberto Valdez Lara, the Executive Chef, told us that they flew the white asparagus from Peru all the way to Jakarta! So ..  shall we start ?

Cold Starter : White asparagus Salad, Slow Poached Yabbies, Red Peppers Coulis,Garlic Dressing - IDR 220.000. This one is quite yum. If you didn't know what Yabbies is, it's a type of crayfish. Has similar textured like shrimp. It was cooked perfectly so it gives a nice crunch to the salad. 

Hot Starter : Beef Bacon Wrapped White asparagus with Cepes, Poached Quail Egg, Black Truffle, Hollandaise Foam - IDR 235.000. The beef was very tender, and it's quite nice to mix the asparagus with quail eggs. But I think it need more of the Hollandaise though.

Soup : White Asparagus Cream Soup, Alaskan King Crab, Black Caviar - IDR 250.000. If you had asparagus, you make an Asparagus soup isn't it? :D The soup tasted very light, and the white asparagus gives a nice crunch texture to it. Chef Lamberto also told us that they're use a high grade Caviar, which is Osetra. There are 3 grades of caviar which is Sevruga ( the not so expensive and has the smallest form ) , Osetra ( medium form and more stronger flavor), Beluga ( the most expensive and also the largest). 

Main Course : I chose 200gr Wagyu Rib Eye Steak with Vegetables and Layered Potatoes in Red Wine Sauce. The meat cooked perfectly and sauce was totally yum.

The other bloggers chose Australian Wagyu Beef Fillet 180 gr served on a bed of white asparagus, Pan Fried foie Grass, Roasted Baby Potato, Port wine Jus - IDR 700.000.

And for the dessert Chef Lamberto make an interesting dish! White Asparagus Kefir Pannacotta with Ginger Compote - IDR 160.000. This is my first time having asparagus as my dessert :D Not like the usual Pannacotta that is silky and smooth, this one has textured more like pudding to me. More firm, and tasted sour. It's interesting that Chef Lamberto said he didn't use any Lime/Lemon in it, but it tasted fresh with lemony-like taste.

For the drink I chose Mixed Berry Ice Tea. Also refreshing with generous berries in it!

 Wanna know more about Bengawan Restaurant? Go check out my previous post here. Last words, Thanks Eka and Keraton at The Plaza for inviting :)

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