Eat, Drink & Donate JCF 2012 Closing Dinner

I know I know, I've been so late to posting this, but better late than none right? :p If you still remember that there's a culinary festival around October in Jakarta from my post here, to wrap it up they held this closing dinner, Eat, Drink & Donate. The donation will goes to Drive Books Not Cars organization, in support of Taman Bacaan Pelangi and Sahabat Anak.

Dinner with 7 course meal? Why not ? ;) The thing is, every meal are cook by different chefs. How interesting is that? I just can't imagine how they could arrange and manage the kitchen :D And oh, every course also been paired with several wines from Dimatique International. So let's start, shall we? 

We've been served with Orange Marmalade as a welcome drink. Made with orange juice, ginger and vodka, apparently the strong ginger taste is a turn off for me :p

First appetizer are by Chef Hugo Adrian from Blowfish Kitchen & Bar. Tuna Carpaccio with Okinawa Sauce and Daikon Salad, paired with Cape Discovery Rose wine 2011. It's a good thing to sliced the tuna thinly, so we could get the smoother salmon-like textures ( Usually tuna are more stiff and dense right ). I also like the okinawa sauce, refreshing, and just enough wasabi taste.

Next appetizer are by Chef Arimbi Nimpuno. Grilled King Prawn with Green Curry Espuma, paired with Cape Discovery Sauvignon Blanc 2011. First impression...... Isn't that shrimp ? and oh... isn't that Krupuk ( Traditional Indonesian white crackers ). The green curry actually taste quite good, creamy and spicy. But I don't think Krupuk would be a good pair for this.

Then Chef Sandra Djohan served the Pumpkin Soup with Foie Gras. The soup was taste really good with just enough amount of sweetness. Foie Gras also add more complex taste to the light pumpkin soup.

For the first main course are prepared by Chef Gianfranco Beltrame of Casa D'oro ( Hotel Indonesia Kempinski ). Ravioli stuffed Cepe Mushroom with Yellow Pepper Sauce, paired with Montes Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2010. First thing, I love the presentation, Second, I love the parmesan crisps. To me the pasta is bit too thick though, so it feels too doughy ( lols I don't know if that's a perfect word to describe :P)

Next main course are by Chef Gilles Marx from Amuz Gourmet. Steamed Fega Barramundi, Ginger Scented Rice and Lime Coconut Sauce, paired with Vina Ventisquero Grey Chardonnay 2010. We all know that Chef Gilles Marx specializing in French Cuisine, It's quite interesting though that he served Asian influence dish to us. But yeah, the barramundi fish tasted fresh and perfectly cooked, and the lime coconut sauce gives a refreshing taste.

The palate cleanser, Orange Granita with Lemon Sorbet. Very refreshing!

Last main course are by Chef Vindex Tengker. Roasted Bultarra Saltbush Lamb Shoulder Rack with Mustard and Tarragon, Radish Agnolotti, Salsa Verde and Cepes Jus, paired with Kaiken Ultra Malbec 2010. It is said that the best comes last ? For this case, Yes it is. This juicy, tender, succulent lamb rack just win me over. Too bad it's the last course and we already feel full.

Then there's come the dessert prepared by Chef Steve Diaz of Colette & Lola. Golden Hazelnut Praline, served with Amaretto Nougatine Ice Cream. One word to describe, d e s s e r t g a s m. The gold dust on the cake truly inviting, and when you take a bite into it, divine. The hazelnut and chocolate taste really like eating ferrero rocher, yum!

So that's all the report of JCF closing dinner. It's a great experience to taste all the dishes from 7 different chefs. Big thanks to Ismaya Group and Goorme for inviting! Cheers !



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