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Good news for non-coffee lover but still want to hang out at Starbucks ! In this winter season, Starbucks bring back their 'Hojicha' tea, but with a different twist. I'm sooooo excited because I'm a big fan of this hojicha tea creation!

 Taking place at the new Starbucks store at Lippo Mall Kemang, the event started with an introduction of tea with tea expert, Ratna Soemantri. For the welcome drink, we also been served with.... well I'm not so sure about the name, but it taste like cranberry. Sour but refreshing! ;D

Then the drink tasting started with some various tea and also, Hojicha Tea Latte, the newest drink from Starbucks. Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that been roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal. This method first started in Kyoto, Japan from 1920s. This process also lowered the amount of the caffeine, so it's okay if you wanna drink this kind of tea at dinner time. The taste is very roasty, nutty and earthy. Umami! 

Next is Green Tea Latte with Espresso. Coffee and tea mixed together, Bam ! Yin and Yang. Maybe you feel skeptical about this drink, but the taste is actually very mild. 

And for this season food, Starbucks served Verona Cake - IDR 22.000 . A cake with layered of almond biscuit, butter cream, Starbucks Coffee Verona flavored biscuits. This cake taste like an opera cake to me :p

Next is Smoked Chicken Croissant - IDR 23.000. The croissant tasted buttery and flaky. Perfect for breakfast.

Last one is Tuna Cheese Whole Wheat Panini Sandwich - IDR 35.000. I love the panini but the taste of capsicum are too overpowering.

And also look at this Chinese new year edition tumbler ! Cool right!

Go grab all this winter season products! It's only available until 4 March 2013 ;)

Starbucks Indonesia
eXion Debenhams Area, Lippo Mall Kemang
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.36, Jakarta
Facebook  : Starbucks Indonesia
Twitter      : @SbuxIndonesia



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