KT Khmer-Thai Restaurant

In my last day at Phnom Penh, we’ve got a treat by our lovely Indonesian ‘mom’ who lives in Cambodia. She’s a lovely and funny person, and you know, she’s very generous ( Thanks Ibu Yuliana :D ).  

I’m so sorry for this post, I couldn’t insert the name of the dishes ( it’s really hard because it’s in Cambodian ), I didn’t had a perfect pictures ( I bring a really standard lens when traveling ). But I really had a pleasant lunch, so I just want to share with you guys ;D

 This two storey restaurant is actually quite spacious. We ate at the second floors, we sat on the dark wooden floor with a nice cushions and Air Con... seriously I'm nearly fell asleep ( yeah after a shopping trip at the market ).

 When in Cambodia, you will see that their food has much similarity with Thai or Vietnam.  It’s very easy to found Tom Yum or Bahn Mi around the street, or even restaurant. So no wonder there are many Khmer-Thai restaurant around. Fusion!

For the first dish ( which I know the name hahah ) it’s the Beef Lok Lak. Lok lak is always been the staple food of Cambodian. It’s a simple dish, but so yummy. Stir fried cubed beef with a sweet savory sauce, usually they also put a sunny side egg on top, but not this one :D For the dipping sauce, we mixed sea salt, Kampot blackpepper and Lime Juice. So yum!

What’s Thai food without Tom Yum, right? But compared to the Thai one, this one is actually very mild. It wasn’t too spicy or too sour, it’s just right! Even though they also using coconut milk, it’s still tasted light.  

It’s time to meeeeet…. Mr. Kermit the Frog! Haha… I know it’s not everybody’s favorite to eat frogs, but me ? I love it! :p But too bad this one is a bit overcooked. It’s a bit dry, but it taste good. 

And the stir fried veggies :D

KT Khmer - Thai Restaurant
No. 470EFo, St. 163, S/K Bong Keng Kong III
Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh, 
Phone    : ( 855 ) 11 899 912 / 11 910 912


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