Anomali Coffee

It's 3pm and raining outside, the room is getting colder and all you think is missing your bed while there's many papers to do in front of you. #FirstWorldProblems haha.... I don't know about you, but to me, I like it better to drink my coffee around tea time ( like 3 - 5 pm ). To me, coffee is just like a mood booster. A healing potion every time I feel very sleepy and not focus. It could be at the morning, but I think I need it the most around that time ;D

Coffee and Coffee Shop are already a part of our lifestyle here in Indonesia. It doesn't matter if you enjoy it from La Marzocco or even Kopi Tubruk style ( Indonesian style of serving the coffee with pouring a boiling hot water straight to the glass with coffee grind and sugar ). It's your choice. But yeah, it's funny sometimes how important a coffee shop is in our community right now. 

Coffee Shop = meeting place, working place ( yes that wi -fi ), place to do your homework ( that wi-fi again ), place for waiting, place for sit down after a long shopping, and..... how if I say...  a place to enjoy good coffee ? ................... Is that even matters anymore? haha... All the flavored coffee blended drinks has gone too much.

But thank God, there's still some serious coffee shop that also support the local coffee, yes it's Anomali. 

Notes : Please enjoy the instagram-like picture! ;p

Even though the place is not that spacious, but I love the rustic vintage feels in this coffee shop. Oh I also love their menu that really like a 'book'. Full of doodles, really fun to see.

IDR 30.000 - 40.000/person ( USD 3 - 4 / person )

Food and Drinks
For a light snack we order Anomali Club Sandwich - IDR 31.800

For the single origin coffee, we order Toraja Kalosi coffee - IDR 23.600. This full bodied coffee from Celebes island has a really inviting earthy aroma, with right amount of acidity.
The fusion drink, Creme Brulee - IDR 32.700. I'm a big fan of creme brulee! Having it in my coffee? Why not? :D Good thing about this 'fusion' drink is, we still can taste the coffee, second, it's not overly sweet like I used to had in the another coffee shop.

Anomali Coffee
Jl. Senopati No.35, Jakarta
Phone      : ( 021 ) 529 20 102
Facebook : Anomali Coffee
Twitter    : @Anomalicoffee


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  2. Merci au groupe scout de la Molière pour la mise à disposition du matériel et merci à Philippe Mooser (président du groupe) pour le partage de ses connaissances durant cette journée.
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    C'est notre façon de vous remercier de partager votre connexion!

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