London : Lily Vanilli's Bakery

One thing that I regret the most when I'm having my recent trip to UK is, I didn't have much time for 'research'. It was the most hectic days in my life, and I just had no time to google everything, like 'the most' or 'the best' that I have to visit, especially while I'm in London. 

London is ..... huge. There's always something new everyday, and even I have spent 2 weeks there, it's just seems like never enough. Now I'm back to Jakarta and every time I've seen London in TV or articles, I was like..... 'why I didn't visit that!!!'. Oh well... It's fine. At least I have another reason to visit London again someday :D

Well thanks again to my foodie Switz friend, Nathalie, She take me to this lovely bakery at East London, that only open every Sunday. And yes, I loveeeeee it! This bakery is tucked away between vintage shops, and it's crowded!

I just realized that I've seen this book before in Selfridges or somewhere ! Now I know that the writer, Lily Jones, also the owner of this place. It's a big plus right since I also love the book!

Even though the bakery was petite, but I really love their shabby chic decor. So cute right!

We came for breakfast, and I'm kind of hungry so I opted for their Sausage Roll first. It was a very good choice. This sausage roll was one of a kind! I really love how the crust is quite thin and it's super crispy! The sausage taste amazing with the saltiness kick of bacon ( or ham? )  that wrapped around it. And you also can taste the herbs as well. Yum!

For the cake I opted for Blood Orange and Lavender Friand. The sponge was quite light and fluffy, not too sweet, but... I love if the flavor are more strong, since I only can taste a hint of the orange. But seriously, I love the presentation with the flowers and glitters on top. What kind of girls that didn't love that!

This is the one that my friend ordered, but sorry I forgot what flavor is this :p ( but still lovely to see right! )

As you can see, the design of their cake is very chic without trying too hard. No need something fancy like gel-coating or chocolate works, with simple ingredients you still can make a beautiful and wowsome cake!

This place is definitely a must-visit when you're in London! Go there for breakfast, then visit the lovely flower market after! :)
Happy Tummy!

Columbia Road Flower Market!

Lily Vanilli's Bakery 
6 The Courtyard, Ezra St. London, E2 7RH
Open every Sunday 8:30am - 4pm
Facebook : Lily Vanilli
Twitter : @lilyvanillicakes
Instagram : @lily_vanilli_cake


  1. Super pretty! I think that's the most beautiful sausage roll I've seen so far in my life haha

  2. i love this post, totally. since i love london very berry much hehe. so envy for your trip, i wish i'll get the opportunity to visit london someday :)

    Janice Dirga ^.^

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