Food Tasting : Open Restaurant, Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

You may be surprised as I am, but did you know there's this luxurious hotel tucked in the area of Cikini ? Yes, the 1st Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in Indonesia are here in Jakarta ! My first impression of this hotel, Hidden Gem! From the front of the road, you will be asking in your mind "Really ? Is this a right hotel?" The car entrance was quite small from the road, but after you get in and you see the facade, you'll be amazed. 

That time I have been invited by Double Tree to try their restaurant, Open. The restaurant was located next to the swimming pool, and it makes the whole room feels airy, relaxing and fresh. Just like it's name, they also had an open kitchen concept, so the customers can see how high they're maintaining their quality and hygiene in their food.

Fresh Baked Bread for Appetizer

So let's try some of their dishes shall we? Since it's during the fasting month, they're not serving buffet for lunch time. So that time I'm trying some of their Signature A la Carte Menus. The first one to try is their Rendang Pizza! Yessss it's rendang! Rendang is a signature Indonesian Food, and in Double Tree, they're really highlighting Indonesian culture throughout this hotel. I love how crispy and thin the pizza was, and the rendang tasted good. I just think that they need to put more of the rendang or maybe use the rendang sauce for the based, so the rendang taste are more elevated.

The next one is Rasa Nusantara Platter. This dish was presented beautifully on a square stone plate, and it's showcasing some of Indonesian classic dishes. Like Nasi Kuning, Sate Lilit Bali, Rendang, Ayam Goreng and Udang Masak Cabai. The taste was sooooo authentic ! Even though the presentation was so fancy, the taste was just like it's made by 'ibu-ibu' ( Indonesian Mother ). I'm loving the sate lilit because it has the spices-kick in it, and also the shrimp, which not overcooked so you still can get the 'crunch'. 

For another Indonesian-twist food, you can also try Ayam Bakar Club. This sandwich was also tasted nice with the smokey taste of Ayam Bakar.

Craving for some western dishes? You could try this Trio of Burger. Served in bite-sized burger, the patty was served with choices of beef, chicken and fish. I love how they put the onion ring inside, because it gives a nice crunch to it. 

For a sweeeeeet ending, you definitely won't miss this Double Tree Chocolate Chips Cookie Cheesecake ! Kidding not, this cheesecake is one of the best! They're using their signature Double Tree Chocolate Chips Cookie for the based, which I love! The cookies was packed with chocolate chips and walnuts, so it's really yummy. The cheesecake was also not too sweet and not too 'heavy', so it's just perfect ! You can also enjoy it with their berry sauce, so you can get more balance flavor of sweet and sour.

For the drink, you can try Detox. It's a mix of apple, celery, ginger and orange.

Oh they also had ongoing Ramadhan Buffet Dinner for IDR 288.000++/person and it's free for 1 person if you going with group of 8 peoples.
Batik Pattern !

Open Restaurant 
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No 17, Cikini, Jakarta
Phone : ( 021 ) 3190 44 33


  1. The presentation of the nasi kuning is top notch! But maybe I'll prefer the messy version of it.. Haha.

  2. Aaah, everything look delicious here :D especially the cheesecake XD would love trying it!



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