Don't you love Cold Pressed Juices like I do ? Then try this one !

I loveeee Cold Pressed Juices and I've been drinking it regularly from time to time. Cold Pressed Juices is different than regular juices that using Juicer or Blender. The method is masticating all the ingredients, and preserving the vitamins and nutrients, NO OXIDATION ! This is the most important thing when juicing ! If you drink Juices that already Oxidize, you lost all the nutrients in it ! When Blending with A Blender or Juicer, the method are incorporating air into your juice, and there's a heat involving from the machine ! That's why you can see how the color is turning brown or darker if you're not immediately consumes it. 


So Cold Pressed Juice is a one thing that you can opted for ! If you're looking for a great Cold Pressed Juices in Jakarta or Tangerang area, you can try For Good Juicery ! They have Juice Cleanse / Detox Packages from 1 day - 3 days Detox that you can try ! Juice Detox is great for rebooting your digestive system, maintaining weight loss, immunity boosting, and helping to cure High Cholesterol or High Blood Pressure. If you struggle with PCOS, hyper-thyroid, or hormonal imbalance, it is also recommended to do Juice Cleanse /Detox regularly. One of the founder had experiences and certification in Cold Pressed Juice making while he lived in Sydney, Australia. So no doubt about the quality of these juices! And look the packaging ! They are the 1st Cold Pressed Juice in A Can ! Easy to carry around.

Almond Milk
Almond Milk Vanilla Seasalt and Black Sesame

They had variant of Cold Pressed Juices and Almond Milk, and the taste is very strong. Not watery and there's still a lot of pulp to make you fuller. So you still get all those fibers, and optimum nutrients !  During this pandemic, it is very recommended to maintain your Immune System at best. That's why, drinking Cold Pressed Juices everyday is very recommended, especially for those who rarely incorporating Vegetables or Fruits in their meal ! Or have you heard the benefits of drinking Celery juice? They also have Celery - based juice which is 'Green Goods' ( Celery, Bokchoy, Lime, Apple ) and 'Cleanse Goods' ( Celery, Beetroot, Apple )


For Good Juicery is based in Gading Serpong, but they regularly deliver to Jakarta every Sunday ! So it's cheaper for the delivery cost ! And they also have 1 litre size Cold Pressed Juice ! So you can stock up every Monday for the rest of the week ! The price is quite affordable too ! IDR 35.000 - 38.000 for 330ml bottles and IDR 105.000 - 110.000 for 1 litre !

Ruko Edison Summarecon Serpong EDSD 10
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