Jakarta : KLTR Coffee Roaster

A new face of 'Koultoura'

If you are familiar with Koultoura Coffee in the west, now they open a new branch at Apartment Pavilion Retail Arcade ! I believe you will all be rejoice since you don't have to travel to the west to try their delicious coffee. Yep! It's KLTR Coffee Roaster ! 'Roaster', you've read it right. 

They will started to roast their own coffee, and I'm pretty excited with that. More roaster, more coffee profiles, not complaining at all. 

KLTR's interior was quite different than regular coffee shop nowadays. No white walls nor bright natural light. Lols. Just like a friend of mine (  who is also a coffee shop owner ) said, 'I like to make my coffee shop dark, so people only concentrated with the coffee, not taking pictures'. Fair enough.

No doubt about the coffee, KLTR's team is passionate about what they do. My 5oz Milk - IDR 30.000,- came out perfect when I asked for a double shot espresso.

For the menu here is different than the one in Koultoura. I opted for this Jamon Iberico Toast - IDR 130.000,-. Okay... nothing could go wrong with Jamon Iberico lols. Oh.. they also put shaved truffle on top. Fancy.

Another menu is Beef Yakimeshi - IDR 90.000,-. This one was pretty good too. The rice was savory and fragrant. 

And again, congrats KLTR for opening and thanks Alung for inviting me ! ;)

KLTR Coffee Roasters
Apartment Pavilion Retail Arcade
Jl.KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 57941735
Instagram : @kltrcoffee


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  1. I've never tried Indonesian coffee but your article has convinced me to give it a shot (pun fully intended!) I'll definitely stop by KLTR next time I'm in Jakarta :D

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