[CLOSED] Jakarta : BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia

Are you ready for cheese tart-craze ??

The first time I tried this cheese tart was actually a year ago when a friend of mine hand-carried it from Singapore. And I'm in love with this cheese tart since then ! I've heard that the queue is crazyyyy in Singapore and there's a maximum purchase of 2 boxes only per person. But yes, don't worry people, because they will open a new branch in Jakarta too ! Woop woop !

Shuhei Nishio

Two days ago I'm attending their Press Conference in Grand Indonesia. The event was host by Ucita Pohan, also a welcoming speech by Raymond Umbara, Director of BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia. Shuhei Nishio, Representative Director & Group CEO of Bake Inc, Japan and also James Koo giving us the presentation of BAKE history and ingredients. 

James Koo, Raymond Umbara, Kevindra Soemantri, Ucita Pohan

Since 2014, BAKE already hit 35million cheese tart per year, and Jakarta is the 41st branch of BAKE Cheese Tart ! The quality of the ingredients is what makes BAKE Cheese Tart different from the others. They use 4 kind of cheese from Japan and France, and they also 'double baked' the tart !  The production is still originally from Japan, and they will finish it on each store. So the quality and freshness are the same on each branches! 

Ucita Pohan, Astrid Satwika, Ayu Gani, Rio Dewanto

And yep, it's true ! The time I got to taste the BAKE cheese tart here in Jakarta, the flavor was the same with what I've had before ! So that is something that I'm happy about. The cheese mousse in the middle is sweet but savory at the same time. There's a bit acidity in there that quite reminds me of sour cream or yogurt. So it's definitely creamy, but not too heavy! The pastry crust also a bit 'crunchy', so it gives a nice balance texture to it. Love loveee !!!

BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia will be open this 7th October 2017, located on West Mall, LG Floor, Grand Indonesia. The price will be IDR 29.000,-/each or IDR 165.000,-/1/2 dozen. Only maximum 12 pieces per person !

And oh, they will also giveaway some FREE cheese tart, so make sure you are following their Instagram @BakeCheeseTart_ID for more info !


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