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New Japanese GastroPub in SCBD area !

It's not easy to make me blown- away ( in terms of food ) since I've been exploring all the eateries in Jakarta for 7 years now. Lols. Restaurant nowadays just concern with their interior and ambience, and sometimes forgot their quality of products. That's makes me bored though. I've been passing the time that I'm so bored of eating out in a restaurant, so I think that is one of the reason that makes me rarely do blog-posting these days.

When you write a post, there's always some stories to tell, right? When you found only the same-old, same-old products, what stories/ angle that you gonna tell then? But thank God, I think the dining scene here in Jakarta is having a lot more changes lately. There's many big brands opening up, and people getting more serious with their food. Let's forgot about those 'instant-noodles' trend that for me, personally, ........ its ruining-our-palate and not educating at all ! This is the time to eat good quality of food !

So me and my blogger friends set up a time to visit this veryyyy new restaurant. Around 2 or 3 weeks opening time !  Located in 18 Parc building ( same building area with Bistecca and The Dutch ), location-wise, it's pretty accessible. The interior is very minimalist, quite typical for a Japanese restaurant. I cannot say much about their interior, since it's not that spacious and there's no wow-factor in it. Maybe because it's still on progress?

They actually open for lunch and dinner time, but they still open for customers and served 'transition' menu in between. We came there around 3PM, so we tried some menu that only available during that time. First we order their special drink, Yuzu Ramune - IDR 58.000,-. Did you know Ramune??? 
Ramune is one special drink that bring back memories when we was a kid. Ramune origin word is 'lemonade', and its actually a Japanese type of flavored soda. The drink that serves here come in a big bottle and cater around 3 people. I am a biggg fannn of Yuzu, so I definitely loves this drink! It is definitely sour, and I think it's lacking that fragrant taste of a Yuzu. But I still love it ! Oh they also have extensive drinks menu here. 

For the food, we order Pork Katsu - IDR 160.000,-. Overall price here is a bit pricey compared to the portion. But... seriously, they deliver a very great dishes, so I don't mind. The pork katsu was breaded nicely, and the meats was still juicy. They served with 2 sauces, one is usual tonkatsu sauce and another is a bit reddish in color, maybe its like a bbq sauce? Both of the sauces was great and perfectly paired with the katsu.

Next is Pork Okonomiyaki - IDR 85.000,-. I'm quite surprised because they put soft boiled egg in the middle ! Birdman serves modern Japanese Food, so that's why there are some twists in their dishes. The sauce, the batter and everything was ticking all the right notes, so I don't have nothing else to say but only... yum !!!

 Sliced Gyutan with Kimchi Mayo - IDR 92.000,-. Oh my, this one is also another winning dish! It's quite hard to find a right gyutan dish here in Jakarta, but them, finally done it well ! A slight smokey charred flavor with extra-umami-ness from the crispy fried garlic, it's perfect. It's not overcooked too, so the gyutan was still tender and juicy. The kimchi mayo was quite spicy too. A perfect balance to the sweet- gyutan. Another thing that is missing only.... a bowl of rice ! lols.

 Crispy Chicken Nanban - IDR 52.000,-. From the presentation, obviously, it's not your typical chicken nanban isn't it. Served with a skewer, the chicken was definitely crispy ! Even though it's a big piece, the chicken was juicy and tender enough, with thin crisp coating. The nanban sauce doesn't tasted like a regular tartar that is more sour, but  this one is quite creamy and egg-y like mayo. But, IT IS GOOD ! Definitely will need a second plate !

18 Parc SCBD, Tower B, Ground Floor,
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 52-53, SCBD, Jakarta
Instagram : @BirdmanJKT


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