Jakarta : AB Steak by Chef Akira Back

Dry-aged meats to fulfill your appetite?

It is quite hard to look for quality Dry-Aged Meats here in Jakarta. I've heard some in Bali, but not in Jakarta. But yes, Chef Akira Back and his team in Indonesia comes up with this idea which is quite interesting for me. A steakhouse usually serve a western-style of steak and meats, but not with this restaurant ! 

Located in MD Building, same building with his previous restaurant, Akira Back, AB Steak served Korean BBQ style of dining with, of course, dry-aged meats. Why dry-aged meats you ask? Dry aging is the process by which large cuts of beef are aged for anywhere from several weeks to several months. This is a process of controlling the decomposition of the meat. You’re breaking down the collagen, which is what holds the muscle fibers together. Collagen is what can make a steak tough. After the dry-aging process the collagen is broken down and all you have is that protein sitting there and it’s very tender. So you have a tender steak and it has that dry aged flavor and more intense flavor. So if you never had any, you definitely have to try !

Talking about the interior, it is quite mysterious and some kind of sexy. With dimmed lighting, and some 'fire-features', it is quite makes you feel like you are at hidden-safehouse or something :p

Before we talked about the meats they offered, first let's talk about their starters which equally delish ! First is Amberjack Carpaccio  - IDR 195.000,-. Served on top of a salt-block, you better not taking pictures of this dish too long since its getting saltier ! lols. This dish was quite light and refreshing, but playful in taste. Love the acidity from the blood orange and some spicy notes from the jalapeno salsa.

Scallop Crudo - IDR 135.000,-. Loving the crunch from Jicama on this dish, and I love how balanced the dressing was, so its not overpowering the scallop.

Tuna Yukke - IDR 95.000,-. It is good, not much to say about this dish since I'm always a fan of yukhoe.

Croquette - IDR 195.000,-. Definitely one sexy dish that you must try! Seriously, who can resist Uni ? With fried potato croquette and creamy sauce, this one is very indulging !

Black Mussels - IDR 135.000,-. This one is another favorite as well! The gochujang butter sauce definitely makes you won't stop digging this dish. The fried tteokbokki is a brilliant idea as well! It gives a nice crunch textures to this dish.

Steamed Buns- IDR 150.000,-. This one I suggest them to have a lighter fluffier buns, since the buns quite overpowered the foie gras and BBQ Duck.

Now we moved to the BBQ Meats. AB Steak have variant of meats that aged from 21 days to 60 days and also regular meats. From Wagyu 9+, Kagoshima A4 or Miyazaki A5. You can enjoy all of this meats with their variant of salts  ( my favorite is their truffle salt ) and also condiments like ssamjang and so on. You can also purchased your order per 100grams.

Just like a Korean BBQ, the meats was cooked on your table, and some of them were smoked with some applewood chips if I'm not mistaken. It does gives a big difference ! and I'm always loveee the smokey-charred flavors in my meats ! 


Just like this 45 days aged Porterhouse and Short Ribs. Juicy, intense 'beefy' flavors and seriously, doesn't need anymore seasoning. It's just as good as it is !

Besides beef, AB Steak also has some fish and seafood, just like this Alaskan Halibut - IDR 220.000,-. Halibut is definitely the mother of fish ( at least for me ) lols. It is very delicate and smooth, but sweet at the same time. The Halibut was served with Ricotta and Sundried Tomato and Gochujang Relish. 

And to close it off, Valrhona Guanaja Molten Souffle - IDR 150.000,-. Perfectly molten in the center, this dessert is perfect for any chocolate lover !

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back
Mezzanine Floor, MD Building
 Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7,  
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone : 021- 29669272
Instagram : @ABSteakJakarta

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