[CLOSED] Jakarta : Chefs Table at Attarine

Let's savor delish dishes straight from the chefs !

As a foodie, I always love the idea of a Chef's Table. For those who didn't familiar with this term, a  Chef's Table is not only a 'Netflix' series, but it is a 'special' table for VIPs and patrons that looking for a special meals created by the head chef. For me, a chef's table is a platform for the chefs to serve beyond the regular menu, a 'room' for their creativity. This is what makes it exciting isn't it? Just like opening a present !

Attarine, is one of the recent establishment from the Potato Head Group. For me personally, this restaurant is a type of restaurant that for most-of-the-people in Jakarta either love it or hate it. Me? Of course I am at the 'love-it' side. They serve fresh new ideas in food, with a touch of Mediterranean, with using local ingredients, and you named it. Definitely not your typical 'western' restaurant!

Under the lead of Chef Jacob Burrell, the Chef's Table always held every month. The menu is a 'mystery' everytime, but you don't have to be worry, because you will be going home with a full tummy. That time, the dinner was paired with Spanish Wine, Freixenet. I love their Brut Vintage and their Sparkling one!

For starter, they serve Attarine's Best appetizer which is Marinated Olives and Soft Boiled Eggs with Cumin Salt. Major love for this two things ! I personally love the housemade Olives ! Really fresh and had great flavors !

And also another appetizer, Flatbread with Cashew Spread and Bellpeppers. The creamy cashew spread matched very well with sweet tangy bellpeppers.

Scallop Fritter with Pickled Mayonnaise. It's funny how this dish reminds you of a 'fillet-o-fish' ! haha... The scallop was perfectly breaded and fried, and the pickled mayo is tasted like a tartar. 

Fillet of White Snapper with Ginger, Papaya and a sauce from Crab. For me this dish is a bit lacking of a texture and that depth of flavor. Because what I can taste is only the sweetness of the papaya.

Wood Fired Baby Corn with Coconut Yoghurt. This is one simple dish, but definitely bomb! Remind me of a Cuban Corn with its smokey flavor. And the acidity of the yoghurt just balanced the overall dish.

Yoghurt Marinated Prawns with Lemon Cashew Butter. Nothing's wrong with this one, its fingerlicking good.

Rolled Duck Leg with touch of Orange. Duck and Orange? Match made in heaven ! The duck was outstandingly moist and tender. Loving it !

Risotto with Butternut Squash and Clams. You can definitely tasted the 'sea' in this dish. And the risotto was cooked al dente, which I love.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder topped with Pine Nuts, Pickled Cauliflower and Lamb Floss. Winner ! The lamb was very tender, and all of the toppings was giving a nice texture. Love!

And now the dessert, Yoghurt Cinnamon Sorbet with Turmeric Curd and Parsley Oil. Talking about multidimensional dessert? Yes this one ticking all the criteria ! Oh my... I still remember the freshness of the sorbet and curd with texture from chia seeds, and lingering refershing parsley aftertaste...... it's just magical! Using the parsley oil on dessert is a genius. It's actually kind of 'cleaning' your palate !

Barley Rose Ice Cream with Fresh Macerated Raspberries. Major love for the ice cream !!! Loving the earthy Barley taste in it !

And the last one, Pistachio Financier and Lime S'mores. Another great dessert and a sweet sweet ending.

As you can see, I definitely recommend you to try their Chef's Table ! Totally worth the experience !

Jalan Gunawarman no.11A

Jakarta Selatan, 12110 

Phone : +6281 2860 26142  / +6221 2277 1256

Instagram : @AttarineJakarta 

Facebook : Attarine Jakarta 


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