Jakarta : Enrico Bartolini at Rosso Shangri-La Hotel

Contemporary Classic Italian dishes by 2 Michelin Starred Chef !

Last October, I was invited by Shangri-La Jakarta to attend this 'Festival of Gastronomy' event. The event was held by Shangri-La Worldwide to serve you the best of the best Gastronomy experience. This time, Italian restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, Rosso, took part of this festivity. 

Chef Enrico Bartolini, who is this time guest-star chef, is the Italy’s youngest two Michelin Star chef ! Recieving his first Michelin star when he was just 29 and the second four years later, at 33. Impressive ! 

'Contemporary Classic' is the type of his cuisines. I personally think that its surely well-translated throughout his dishes. It is playful, unusual, but still reminding you of classic Italian comfort food. Curious ? Let's start the first course !

Canolo di erbe e salsa carpione ( Herbs Roulade and Carpione Sauce ). Carpione is a sauce used to marinate, fish, meat, eggs, courgettes and more, and its popular in many regions of Italy. At first sight, I thought this was fried string beans, apparently it was not. Lols. The crispy roulade was paired with tangy-vinegary sauce. 

Patata soffice uovo e uova ( Soft Potato Egg and Eggs ). This dish was my personal favorites ! The creamy warm liquid potato, with fish roe bursting in your mouth, heavenlyyyy !!! Some artichokes on top gives a nice subtle sourness that really balance the whole dish ! This dish really blows my mind, since this is something that I never had before.

Risotto Arlecchino ( Harlequin Risotto ). This dish definitely not expected from an Italian chef. Lols. Creamy 'al dente' risotto, paired with Japanese-style Curry ( what ! ), paprika, anchovies-patty and pine nuts. What makes it interesting was every bites has different flavors ! Definitely makes your eyes rolls, when all this 'peculiar' components can actually turns into one harmonious dish. 

Come un cantuccio. I personally think this dessert can be done much much more better. Since I can only taste the sweetness of the custard-cream, and also lack of textures. 

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
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