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A true foodies experience with Bali Food Safari !

For you who followed my Instagram, you might know that I just won a Food Photography contest held by Ultimate Foodies Getaway! Ultimate Foodies Getaway is pioneered by Bali Food Safari, A 'mystery' culinary tour for foodies in Bali. My photo has been chosen by 4 respected judges, Simon Ward ( Bali Food Safari ), Rinrin Marinka ( Celebrity Chef ), Julia and Marius ( Anak Jajan ) & I Wayan Juniarta ( The Jakarta Post ). It's been such a honored to be chosen by them, and I can't thank them enough! 
Simon Ward and Chef Marinka

The Ultimate Foodies Getaway trip to Bali took 4 days 3 nights, and took places in 3 different areas, Seminyak, Ubud and Jimbaran. Since there's sooooo many things to share about this event, I will make separate posts on each area ! So bare with me :p

To kicking off the trip, we are doing the Bali Food Safari Seminyak tour on day 1. The idea of Bali Food Safari is to taking you to an adventurous 'foodies' tour, where you will be taken to 4 different restaurants with 12 dishes in total ! You will not be informed which restaurants you will visit, because the idea is to surprise you for a whole 'foodies' experience ! 

Seminyak Sunset !

But yes, if you had any preference or allergies you definitely could inform them in advance. I personally think this tour is totally worth it, since they will take you to high-end restaurants for around USD 100-120 only ! So, if you visiting Bali and you confuse where to eat, you definitely have to take this tour !

In this post I will share the dishes that we're having in Seminyak Tour with Bali Food Safari. So you get the idea of what you will get if you book this tour. So buckle up, and get ready for moreeee Food Pics !
Amuse Bouche

Venue 1 :
A posh restaurant by the beach in luxurious hotel in Seminyak.

- Wagyu Sirloin Steak, Cafe de Paris & Asparagus :  This is soooooo delish! The Wagyu just melts in your mouth, and it was perfectly pan-seared on the outside
- Tempura Zucchini Flowers, Herbed Goat Cheese, Romesco Sauce : The batter was light and airy, but I  need more of the goat cheese
- Char Grilled Moroccan Chicken, Eggplant Caviar, Coriander Yogurt : A truly Mediterranean-taste for this one !

- Saffron Risotto with Bacon and Olives Powder : Loveee this dish! The risotto was cooked al-dente, and love the smokey bacon flavor in it!

- 'Ayam Bakar' ( Grilled Spring Chicken with 'Sambal Matah ) : The chicken was sooo fragrant and tender ! Yum!

Venue 2:
A very brand new restaurant in Seminyak, that serve modern Japanese restaurant. The chef have been worked in Nobu ! Not sure about the names of the dishes, but yeah, here we goes.

- Sushi : Loving the crispy bottom rice

- Snapper Sashimi with Ponzu : Super loving this dish! Because they put 'Daun Kumis Kucing' ( Orthosiphon Aristatus ) that gives a distinctive taste in it !

- Chicken Gyoza : Nothing special, but good enough.

- Calamari with Wasabi Mayo : A bit greasy, but a nice dish to pair with your drinks.

Venue 3 :
The 'it' restaurant in Seminyak these days!

- Wasabi Tuna Tartare with Flour Chips : Interesting how they garnish this dish with fresh Elderflower ! 

- Korean Bulgogi Chicken : This one is not too bulgogi in my opinion, since the 'gochujang' and the ginger was quite strong. Bulgogi supposed to be sweet isn't it?

- Squid Ink Rice : The winning dish and the highlight of the whole dinner !!! The rice texture is just like 'fried rice', and sooo savory without fishy smells of squid ink. Loving the burst salty flavor of Salmon Roe, with creamy aioli and tangy freshly- squeeze lime ! A harmony in your mouth!

Venue 4 :
A Rooftop Bar in a luxurious hotel in Seminyak. For the last venue, we are indulged with a platter of dessert!

- Bombe Alaska : Good enough, but just a bit too sweet to my palate.
- Pina Colada : A nice combination of pineapple and coconut.
- Black Forrest : Just nice, but not that special.

Bali Food Safari
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