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Travel back in time at this colonial hotel in Pangkal Pinang !

Couple weeks ago, me and several bloggers friends was invited to this hotel located in Bangka Island. It's been like 8 - 9 years ago since I last visited this Island, and I'm soooo excited to see how's this island has changed. 

Bangka is dear to my heart, since my dad's family was originally from this island, but they all already moved to Jakarta since long time ago. So yeah, I could say I'm half 'Bangka-ngin' ( Bangka's Habitant ). Lols. It's in the blood! So no wonder that Bangka's food really suits my palate. haha

After first arrived at Menumbing, I'm pretty surprised with how beautiful this hotel is! The building  was originally a residence of respected leader of the local Chinese community in the early 1900s, Captain Phang Tjhong Tjhoen. In the 1980, Mr. Ishak Boentaran, owner of Menumbing Heritage Hotel, reconstructed this building into a hotel and it's became the icon of the city.

In 2012, the reconstruction process continues as Mr Alvert Buntaran, the son of Mr Ishak Boentaran, has a vision of preserving this heritage site. The structure, even the pattern tile was still originally from the 1900s ! The colonial atmosphere was really strong here, but they execute it well by decorating it with some modern pieces. So the overall design is not too 'old', it's still modern but with 'vintage' touch.

Menumbing Heritage Hotel also had this colonial dining area. They also serve Bangka's finest dishes, such as Lempah, a sweet sour seafood soup that made with pineapple, balacan and other spices. For breakfast, you could also find Bakmi Bangka ( Bangka's style Dry Noodle ), and classic Roti Panggang ( Bangka's style Toast ). The great thing of dining in Bangka is their freshest supply of Seafood ! So you can really taste the difference when eating seafood here.

For the room, we are stayed at 20sqm Superior Room. Even though it's a bit petite, but it's clean enough and equipped with AC, TV and good shower. I could say their branding design also well executed. 

We also take part on the Grand Opening day that was held on 17th September 2016. The food was provided by Culture Royale catering, that was also part of the group of Menumbing Heritage Hotel. Congratulations Menumbing Heritage Hotel and cheers for many more years to come !
Mr. Derrick Buntaran, CEO of Menumbing Heritage Hotel
Lempah Kulat ! ( Kulat is a type of a rare mushroom that only grows in Pelawan Forest, Bangka  )

Last words, thanks Corry and Culture Royale group for inviting and arranging this trip!

Menumbing Heritage Hotel 
Jl. Gereja No. 5, Pangkal Pinang City, 
Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
Phone : +62 717 422990
Facebook : Menumbing Heritage Hotel
Instagram :  @MenumbingHeritage


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