Jakarta : Izakaya Kai

One of the newest and hippest Izakaya in town !

North Jakarta is on-the-spotlight right now for culinary in Jakarta. Hip restaurants, cool coffee shops, popping up here and there. And now, dynamic duo Chef Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta opening up their new establishment, Izakaya Kai. After their successful French-inspired restaurant, AMKC Atelier, apparently, Japanese cuisine is the one that they wanna 'explore' this time.

Izakaya Kai was separated into 2 parts, 1st floor is the All-Day Cafe, 2nd Floor is the Izakaya Dining. For the 2nd Floor, you can savor a finest Japanese dishes, with Tempura Master, Hitoshi Kimura. I was quite curious with the 2nd Floor one, since when I came, it's around 4pm and they only open for lunch and dinner time. 

So yeah, that time I decided to try the 1st floor one for a 'tea-time'. The interior definitely screams typical Japanese. Minimalist, woods and natural decor like stones and plants. It was nicely done, but it's just okay. 


For my 'tea-time' of course I opted for their Red Velvet Choco Cake - IDR 60.000,-. Everyone are raving about this cake! And since Chef Karen Carlotta is well known of her Red Velvet creation, so we kind of curious to try some of her twists, isn't it? If you are a big fan of classic Red Velvet ( like I do ), lower your expectations. At the first bite, what I can taste is the strong kick of Rhum. It is like a-punch-in-the-face! Well, the chocolate and the overall taste was good enough though, but I did expect to have more of the cream cheese frosting. There's a layer of crunch and nuts in the middle that makes this cake enjoyable. Not forget to mention, the sponge was outstandingly moist.

After scrolling from their Instagram account, I gotta had this, Brioche Bao - IDR 35.000,-. OMG, a hybrid of porky salted egg bao with brioche! How cool is that ! And yes, this one is kind of meet my expectation. Savory porky filling with golden salted egg yolk in the middle! Heaven !

To accompany this two items, Cappucinno - IDR 40.000,-. Coffee was good enough, quite smooth in your mouth, despite the failed latte art. 

Of course, I will come back to try the Second Floor! So I will update this post if I happen to visit again. Stay tune fellow Yummy Travelers !

Izakaya Kai
Jl. Pluit Kencana Raya No.59
Pluit, North Jakarta
Phone: (+6221) 22663966

Opening Hours:
1st floor All Day Cafe 11.00 – 23.00
2nd floor Izakaya Dining 11.00 – 15.00, 18.00 – 22.00

Instagram: @izakayakai


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