Bali : Moksa

A must-visit for vegan and raw food lovers !

During my last visit to Bali on July 2016, me and a friend of mine decided to pay a visit to this restaurant after got recommendation from our fellow acquaintance. When I heard of the name, Moksa, it does ring a bell since I've seen their account on Instagram before. A restaurant with raw and plant-based food ? Oh yeah! Without second thoughts, we just pay a visit even though we already had lunch before.

What I love about Bali and the culinary scene here is their diversity. Especially if you are concern of eating healthy, there are soooo many places that offers vegan or healthy food. Ubud, to be precise. A 'yogi' heaven with many restaurants that offers vegan and 'holistic' food, including Moksa.

Moksa was quite secluded in terms of location. We used Google Maps, and we are lost a bit since the location cannot reach by car. We have to park our car near some Puskesmas ( Clinic ), and then walk on a small road besides the rice field, and whoala ! We found it ! Another word to describe Moksa, Hidden Gem !

From the entrance, we already feel 'Zen'. The atmosphere was very calm and comforting. The interior was quite modest actually. Not too much decor, but the view of their own 'Permaculture' garden is the perfect background. You can just sit here all day and watching the 'green' surroundings.

The waiter warmly greeted us. He asked as if we already been to the restaurant before. And then he passionately explaining that Moksa serves mostly raw food ( uncooked food ), and also vegan, and he also showed us some menu that not raw. But yes, all was VEGAN !
Complimentary Papaya Shot 

I tell ya', the menu here was not that extensive, but all was interesting! Too bad we already had lunch, so we just opted for their Moksa Sampler - IDR 65.000,-. This sampler is a great way to understand what Moksa is, and of course, trying many kind of dishes in one plate. And yes, the portion is HUGE ! 

You can tried Mini Lasagna, Asian Spring Pasta, Mini Pizza, Gado - Gado, Mix Lettuce and Coconut Mushroom Soup for this sampler. All was raw, except the Coconut Mushroom Soup! Seriously, this is THE BEST RAW FOOD that I've ever had. Bites after bites are just mindblowing ! It doesn't taste like raw-food with its 'raw-taste', because the flavors are bold, and playful in textures!

The Mini Lasagna is layer of Cashew Nut Cheese, Spinach, Thyme-Tomato Confit, Basil Pesto, and Zucchini. Loving the fresh vibrant taste of Pesto, and the Confit, and touch of creaminess of the cashew nut cheese. Another favorite is their Asian Spring Pasta, which is a Squash Lingune, Broccoli Floret, Green Asparagus, Kale and Shitake, with Asian Oyster Chili Sauce, Spiced Cashew and Coriander. Again, the flavors is vibrant and really like bomb of flavors bursting in your mouth! The non-raw but vegan-one Coconut Mushroom Soup is also very enjoyable! Light but rich curry-style soup with shrooms. Yum!

Another dish that gets our attention is Tempeh Caesar - IDR 55.000,-. Cardamom Caramelized Tempeh, stuffed with Mushroom, Spinach and Corn Vermicelli, Caesar Salad, Strawberry Sambal and Nut Parmesan Cheese ! What makes it interesting is the strawberry sambal! It's sour, sweet but a bit spicy at the same time. Again, a lot of textures and bold flavors!

We also order some sampler of dessert, consist of 2 Vegan and raw tart and 2 Vegan Ice Cream. But sorry, I kind of forgot what we've order that time ! Lols. But I do remember the taste was just as amazing as the main courses.

After we finish our meal, the chef comes to our table and end up having a chat with us. Chef Made Runatha, a Balinese who is studied at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, USA. Under the tutelage of Master Chef & Founder, Cherie Soria, known as the “Mother of Gourmet Raw Food Cuisine". He is the world’s first Indonesian certified Plant-based Cuisine Chef! Mindblowing !

Chef Made also explain about his passion in raw and plant-based food, and how to make healthy food tasted great! He also wants to empowered and teach Indonesian people, that's why he works with local farmers and he grown his own 'permaculture' garden to support his 'farm-to-table' concept. Wow... just.... wow ! Finally, an Indonesian Chef with broad vision and knowledge to promote Indonesian raw and plant-based food !
Complimentary Lemon Ginger Drink

Seriously, I totally recommend each one of you to visit this restaurant! Me, myself definitely will be back again, or , taking Chef Made's Class of making Raw and Plant-based dishes! 

Their Permaculture Garden

Puskesmas Ubud II, Gang Damai, Sayan, 
Bali 80571, Indonesia
Opening Hours : TUE - SUN, 10am- 9pm ( CLOSED on MONDAY)
Phone : +62 361 4792479 or  +62 813 3977 4787 
Instagram : @MoksaUbud


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