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Premium Shabu-Shabu in the middle of Jakarta ? This is it !

Not like your usual shabu-shabu, here in Shabu Shabu Gen you can indulge yourself with premium quality of meats ! Just like Grade A4 and A5 Kagoshima Beef with BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) of 6 - 7, or Grade A5 Hida Beef ! For those who didn't know, Hida Beef is the specific name given to beef from a black-haired Japanese cattle breed, that has been raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least 14 months. It is said Hida beef is a rivalry of Kobe and Matsuzaka Beef.

So if you are interested to savor this kind of meats, worry no more ! From the 46th Floors of The Plaza building, you can enjoy both of the view and also the premium meats !

It was my first time visiting Shabu Shabu Gen, and I must say, it was pretty mindblowing. The interior was quite modern and minimal, not like usual Japanese restaurant that quite 'traditional'. With a view of Jakarta from 46th Floor, I think the view itself already complement the room. No need too much decor. 

Shabu Shabu Gen just launched their Lunch Package, for you who curious to try. 
For Shabu Shabu Lunch Set, it's IDR 450.000 ( US Beef ), IDR 1.450.000 ( A4 Kagoshima Beef ) or IDR 1.800.000 ( A5 Kagoshima or Hida Beef ). The lunch package already includes Salad, Chawan Mushi, Vegetables , A choice of Rice / Ramen, and Dessert !

Look at that marbling !

That time I tried all of the Sirloin and Ribeye of the Kagoshima and Hida Beef. Again, for the Shabu Shabu, they will meticulously prepare it for you. Of course for a beef with great marbling like this, it's important to not overcooked it. Just couple of time dip it in the light broth of dashi and soyu soup, then you can enjoy it ! They also serves 3 different dipping sauce, Ponzu, Yuzu and Sesame. All the dipping sauces was tasted great, but, since I'm a bit of 'purist', I enjoyed it just the way it is. 

Just by looking at the marbling, you will know that this beef is 'yum' ! Especially Hida Beef one, it's just melts in your mouth! Sweet, but savory at the same time. You won't believe how good this beef is ! Must try !

The noodles also nice with bouncy textures ! It is a freshly made noodles !

Both Salad and Chawan mushi is tasted delish too.

The newest one from Shabu Shabu Gen is their Sukiyaki Set ! It's IDR 1.350.000 ( A4 Kagoshima Beef ), also includes Salad, Chawan Mushi, Vegetables , A choice of Rice / Fried Rice,  and Dessert !

If you like the sweet taste of Sukiyaki, this one is for you ! Just like Japanese do, they always like to dip in the beef to a fresh and raw egg !

Their dessert is also my favorite ! Green Tea Ice Cream with Yuzu Jelly, Warabi Mochi, and Azuki Paste. I'm a bigggggg fan of Yuzu, so of course my personal favorite is their Yuzu Jelly. It's refreshing and cleanse your palate! 

Shabu Shabu Gen
The Plaza 46th Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Central Jakarta 13350
Phone: (+6221) 29922246
Opening Hours: Lunch 12.00 – 14.30, Dinner 18.00 – 22.30
Instagram: @shabugen


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