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Have you tried this juicy Australian fruits?

Let’s just be honest. How many times a week will you eat fruits?  Me? I’m a big fan of fruits! Especially nowadays when I was trying to do healthy eating, whenever I’m not visiting new restaurants. That’s why I’m  always incorporate fruits in my diet plan. Either it’s for  Smoothie Bowls or Salads, fruits are always easy to work with.

My concern about eating fruits is the pesticides and the chemicals that used when producing them. That’s why I rarely eating apples or pears nowadays, because I’m always afraid with the wax/ pesticides on their skins ! But yeah, I think we have to be smarter on choosing on what we eat.

So last week, I’m attending this event held by Victoria State Government, Australia. Melbourne, as the second largest city in Australia ( and my dream city to visit ), was located in this state. Australia’s produce has been well known in all over the world especially us, Indonesia. We already familiar with Australian meats, dairy products and also their fruits and veggies.

Victoria State in particular, is the largest  food producer in Australia. With clean and green environment, and a high concern of using natural process of their produce, definitely makes a high quality and robust fruits and veggies. Australia also very near with our country, so it’s only takes around 8hours to take their produce to Indonesia !

In this event, besides sharing session from Victoria State Government and Nutritionist, Jansen Ongko, me and several bloggers also got a chance to tasted some of this products from Australia. Chef Yuda Bustara, is in charge on turning this beautiful products into simple delicious dishes.

Stone fruits is the kind of fruits that we couldn’t produce on our own. I loveeeee stone fruits! Especially peach ! Can you recognize the difference between Peach, Plum or Nectarines? Somehow they look the same, but they’re actually not. So that day Chef Yuda made this beautiful 3 dishes  using  this stonefruits and other produce. First is Australian Peach with Rocket and Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, next is Australian Nectarines  & Plums with Soft Cheeses and Toasted Almonds, and last is Baked Australian Pears with Crème Anglaise.

I love the nice ‘crunch’ texture of the Peaches that used in the salads.  And oh my…. The  Australian table grapes is soooooo sweet and juicy! Seriously, I didn’t know this kind of ‘green’ grapes could be that sweet! The baked pears also simply amazing. The pears was so soft and again, sweet! Almost reminding me of eating a dates.

 So finally, here in Jakarta, we got the chance to enjoy this beautiful and nutritious fresh fruits from Victoria.  Worry no more, because all the produces are safe and pesticides-free! And yes, fruits are best to enjoy while in season!  So let’s eat healthy, and eat more fruits to get a well and balance nutrition every day !


  1. Nice food photography. Its very healthy food. Thanks for sharing the nice post.

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  2. wow its really fantastic post

  3. This is a very relatable post for me, because i love fruits! i dont think i can even go one day without eating one fruit! im happy that all your worries have been proven wrong and now you can enjoy some delicious, healthy fruit!

  4. I haven't tried the Australian juicy fruits yet. Bu it seems to be very good. The pear looks fresh. And peach is my favourite fruit. Thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Excellent post.Fruits are looking fresh.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Really appreciate this kind of post.It was pretty good informative post for me.Thank you so so much for this

  7. i want to taste these fresh fruits.Really an informative post.thank you so much for sharing with us

  8. Feeling hungry after watching these delicious food



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