Bandung : Roti Selai

A cute petite place in Dago !

I've heard about this cute spot for brunch from my dear friend who lives in Bandung. I always believe in his taste, so anything he recommend I will try. Lols. So yeah... for a short trip to Bandung couple weeks ago, I spare my time to visit this place. 

That day I also plan to go to Wot Batu, an art installation by pak Sunaryo, a well known artist from Bandung. When I look for the place in Gmaps, apparently the location between RotiSelai and WotBatu wasn't that far. So I drove to Dago and decided to visit this place first for brunch.

At first, I didn't notice the place because it was that small ! haha... but yeah they have this area for parking the car across the road. The place was petite, but I love it ! It is well decorated and it really does feel like a small bakery/cafe when you traveling overseas.

Rotiselai also sell housemade Bread. It's not too many, but it's good enough. Some of bread that I bought home is their Herbs Loaf - IDR 20.000,-. It was good actually. Packed with dry herbs flavors. 

In RotiSelai, they also serve simple Brunch-style food. Not too many options, but all was very affordable ! That time I opted for Seaweed Pasta - IDR 45.000,-, since my friend really recommend this dish. And yes, it was good enough. This dish is just a fusion of Japanese and Western. The pasta was packed with seaweed ( or dry wakame ) and cooked with cream/milk. Quite interesting though because somehow, this two flavors works.

Another interesting things here are their drinks. First I opted for Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea - IDR 10.000,-. It was light and smooth, and had mellow bergamot flavor. Love it ! The other interesting one is this Lemon and Ginger Kombucha ! Soooo refreshing and loving the strong Lemony Ginger flavors.

Jl. Raya Golf Dago No.98, 
Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Opening Hours : 7.30 AM - 5 PM 
Phone :  +6287722642101
Instagram : @RotiSelai

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  1. Bandung juara,,,,surga buat para pemburu kuliner sama pemburu tempat nongkrong yang keren :)

    mampir juga ke jajanan Bandung lainnya. Haturnuhun

  2. emang roti atau makanan dari bandung paling enak deh..
    setiap kesana tuh rasanya mau makan bukannya jalan-jalan hehehe

  3. wah, pengen ke Bandung lagi nih jadinya buat berburu makanan macam roti ih....



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