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New casual fusion eateries in Senayan City !

If you think about Chinese food or Chinese restaurant, usually you will immediately think about family because usually Chinese food are serves for sharing. But not in this restaurant ! Little Ming is still a part of Ming Dining in Senayan City, but with a new concept. The concept of Little Ming is a casual dining place, where youngsters or adults could hang out, but, still enjoying Chinese food.

I kinda like their interior. Cutesy Chinese theme graphics on the wall and Scandinavian furniture. It's modern, it's fun, yet it's comfy. The food here in Little Ming is not pure Chinese. They fusion it with Japanese and actually it kinda works. So here it is.

For appetizer, Salted Egg Runbing - IDR 42.000,-. This one is quite nice. Crispy enough and you can taste the salted egg sauce.

Another appetizer, Prawn Youtiao - IDR 48.000,-. This one also good, fluffy and crispy enough, and you can taste the prawn.

Another one, Ebi Nori Furitta - IDR 55.000,-. Again,  nothing wrong with it, crispy enogh and you can taste the nori, but maybe it's just to thin and need more filling in it.

From the 'Ramien' section, Smoked Duck Ramien - IDR 56.000,-. The noodle was quite thick and had a nice texture. It's not too doughy and still has that chewy texture in it. Love the smoked duck as well, it gives a nice smoky flavors to the soup.

Next is Char Ramien Tamago - IDR 48.000,-. This one was delish ! Love the blackpepper taste in this fried noodle!

Shiopeppa Spice Wings - IDR 42.000,-. This one is actually Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken Wings. The seasoning wasn't even, so when I tasted one it's a bit bland and lack of seasoning, but after tasted another one you can taste the seasoning.

Torisanbei Ming Fan - IDR 58.000,-. If you looking something with rice, you can opted for this! The deep fried chicken, oh my! It's so soft and moist ! I don't know how they did that. 

For dessert, Zumi Pao - IDR 42.000,-. A cute shape fried pao with Lotus paste inside.

Little Ming
Senayan City Unit No. 3-08
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Jakarta

Phone : 021-72781612
Instagram : @littleming.id


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