[CLOSED] Jakarta : Djule Kofi

New Coffee Shop tucked in Melawai area!

"So yeah ... There's a new coffee shop in town", I bet that's a line that you frequently heard nowadays. Jakarta's going crazyyyy. I don't know how it started, but, everyone are opening up a coffee shops, with or without understanding the coffee these days. Lols. No judgement. I guess people here are just love hanging out at a coffee shop. Yes that's what we do. 

I think I have been written about Specialty coffee many many times on my previous blogposts, so I will not write about it again this time. Being a coffee-enthusiast, definitely I'm a bit picky to visit a coffee shop. First, I will make sure that they are serious with their coffee, so I didn't go home disappointed. Lols. 

Djule is a newborn baby from Ombe Kofie. Ombe Kofie is quite well known in the north of Jakarta, with serving a variety of overseas beans. My friend said 'Djule' means 'Hello from the North'. haha... interesting name to have. 

I kind of like Djule's interior. Love the high ceiling, so the space are sooo airy. I also liking the big emerald-color bar area with 2 ( not one ) Stradas ?? Just like what I've seen in another coffee shop Giyanti Coffee, they're using 2 machines as well which is Spirit and Linea. Because one machine is just too mainstream? haha. Oh, and the big- big window in Djule, so you can easily gazing to the streets and watching the people pass by. 

Just like Ombe Kofie, Djule also serving multi-roaster beans. First I opted for a Black Coffee - IDR 40.000,-. Using a blend of Brazil YB ( Yellow Bourbon ? ) and Colombia, this beans had a bright fruity notes in it, with a sweet finish. It's quite nice.

Since I've seen Blue Bottle beans at the grinder, I opted for a second cups Double White - IDR 45.000,-. I'm a huge fans of Blue Bottle, and I really had a dream of visiting their stores either in America or in Japan! hehe. So this one is their Opascope Blend. At first sip, I'm quite surprise with the flavor! It's a bit floral, vibrant and had a really sweet honey finish. Really - really good and definitely one of my personal favorite !

They haven't fully ready with the food, so I opted for a Chocolate Tart. The chocolate filling was quite dense and succulent. But I prefer the crust to be a bit crumbly, because this one is too soft and soggy.

Djule Kofi
Jl. Melawai Raya No. 6
South Jakarta ( besides Dunkin Donuts )
Phone : +6281214386899
Opening Hours : 8AM - 8 PM 
Instagram : @Djule.Kofi 

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