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Try this delish and refreshing Poke Bowl !

Yesterday I got a chance to visit Singapore again. It's been a while though I haven't did any trip to this small country, because I think I've done this and that. But, there's always something new in Singapore isn't it? At least in terms of culinary lols.

So my dear friend of mine, Chef Michael Rahardjo, who is contestant of Hell's Kitchen Indonesia, just open this new spot in Singapore. I've stalked their instagram before, and I do curious about this place, Aloha Poke ! So even though we have super packed schedule, me and my foodies friends, Anak Jajan and Hey Theresia, managed to visit this place!

Aloha Poke just opened in the month of October, and they had lunch time and dinner time opening hours. The menu slightly different, because during the lunch you can crafted your own poke bowl and the concept are more 'grab and go'. In dinner time you can enjoy some more various meal like Roasted Pork Belly or Salt Crusted Salmon Head with some 'Tiki' Cocktails and Crafted Beers! Interesting right?

The decor in Aloha Poke really goes along with Hawaiian theme. It's airy, fun and cozy at the same time. 

So we visit during dinner time, and we've tried some of their dinner menus. First is Poke Sampler - SGD 12. Poke is a Hawaiian terms for raw fish salad. In Aloha Poke, the sampler is served with 2 flavors Poke and Nachos. The first one is Salmon with Wasabi taste, the other one is Spicy Tuna Poke. Both of it was yum!!! The ingredients are fresh, the dressing wasn't too much, it's just right especially for an appetizer.

Next are Ultimate Poke Bowl - SGD 18. This is the menu that also available during lunch time. And oh my.... this was SO GOOD ! If you are into healthy food like me, you'll definitely love this! This poke bowl served with 2 differents Poke, White and Brown Rice, Avocados, Pineapple, Pomegranates, Mesclun Salads, Edamame, Almond, Pomegranates and Tobikko. Look at that bowl of colors ! This one is surely fueling you up, since the portion was also generous. Love how the rice was cooked 'al dente' so it's giving a nice textures to this dish. The dressing also light and simple, so you can appreciate all those healthy ingredients. Must try !

Musubi - SGD 11. This one also a popular snacks in Hawaii. What I like about this Musubi is the Caramelized Spam ! So there's a hint of sweetness in it, contrast with the salty Spam and savory nori. Love it !

Chawa Hawaii - SGD 8. This one just like Japanese egg custard, Chawanmushi. The texture was so soft and tasted creamy. This one was served with shrimp and century eggs! Interesting right!

Then for the dessert is this Acai Bowl - SGD 9. Acai Berries was comes from the acai palm tree, which is native to Central and South America. It's popular these days because if it's healthy benefit. This Acai Bowl is served beautifully with Granola and Fruits. This dessert definitely a guilt-free one ! Loveee the refreshing taste !

Then some refreshing Coconut Water for the drinks !

Aloha Poke is definitely a MUST VISIT place for you who concern with healthy food or maybe, just wanna savor some Hawaiian dishes. Since it's the FIRST Hawaiian Poke Bar in Singapore and how the dishes was well executed, for me, I will definitely coming back !

Aloha Poke 
92 Amoy Street,
Singapore 069911

Opening Hours :
Closed on Sundays
Monday to Friday: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 11pm
Saturday: 11.30am to 2.30pm

Tel: +65 6221 6565

Facebook : Aloha Poke
Instagram : @AlohaPokeSG


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