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Let's try this food-spot, shall we?

As you may notice, the wave of hype 'street food' or food truck or even a creative homemade food business has been surging around Jakarta. Some of them are killing it, but some of them are not. But as a foodies, I definitely supporting this trend.

Even though sometimes, they're not delivering the quality of a good products and most of them just..... simply copying from the outside trend, I'm still appreciating their effort. But yes, as a customer, we have to be smart on choosing food that goes inside of our bodies. Not only opting for gimmicky food that looks good on instagram. 

So another hipster food place called Southbox just open their place in Prapanca. The spot are quite spacious and it's more to 'al fresco' dining. I'm wondering if it's raining though, would be hard to hang out here. Oh another downside is their parking lot, you have to do valet. But the design was vibrant, and definitely another option to hang out in Jakarta !

So here are some food that I'm having there. First is Lamb and Chicken Over Rice from Halal Bro's - IDR 55.000,-. So this food trend actually came from Halal Guys in New York. Basically it's Gyros Lamb or Beef served with Biryani Rice, Lettuce, Pita Bread and their white and red sauce. Unfortunately the Lamb and Chicken at Halal Bro's was quite dry, and it's lacking the spices of Gyros seasoning. The Biryani also not fragrant. Well too bad this one didn't meet my expectation.

When I strolling around, there's this place that really gets my attention. With it's Hawaiian Tiki Style, Tropicle, serves refreshing mocktail and juices. So I opted White Monkey - IDR 33.000,-. This one is a blend of coconut and peach. It was tasted nice and refreshing, and not too sweet. And I also love their tiki glass !

And then, Chicken and Waffle Big Bro from Chick Bro - IDR 39.000,-. Sorry I didn't remember the sauce that we opted that time. But I remember the chicken was crispy and juicy enough.

And if you craving for Indomie ( Instant Noodle ) you can also have it here. Lols !! Isn't that true that Indomie always tasted better if 'abang-abang' make it for you? haha 

Jalan Prapanca Raya no 18,  Jakarta.
Instagram  : @Southbox.Prapanca

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