Jakarta : Food Tasting : Union Deli's New Menu

Let's try some of their new menu, shall we? 

Maybe you already checked out my previous post of Union Deli here, couple weeks ago I've back to savor some of their new menu, and yes, I'm excited ! 

Union Deli taking concept of American Deli, which is offering selections of sandwich and other baked goods. Since they already famous with their desserts, now, Union Deli Chef, Ron Luhur, created new menus that definitely will fulfill your tastebuds!

For starter is this Housemade Chicken Liver Pate - IDR 75.000,-. Maybe not many people love chicken liver, but me, I loveeeee it. The pate was served with Fig Jams, Gherkins and Toast. You can't go wrong with this combo! The creamy pate contrast with the sweetness of jams and the sourness of the pickles. Love how they made the pate soooo perfectly with layers of fats on top and no unpleasant smell of the liver at all!

And next is, The Double Lobster - IDR 150.000,-. This dish was using River Lobster or we usually known as Crayfish. The dish was served with a bowl of bisque, and a lobster roll. The bisque was light and full of 'seafood' flavor. On top they include some 'sambal matah' ( Balinese raw condiment ), which I not recommend to put into your bisque. I don't know about you, but I always prefer the 'classic' taste. Putting the sambal matah in just makes the bisque tasting like curry. The lobster roll was good enough with soft hotdog buns.


Next one is Crispy Pork Belly - IDR 95.000,-. No doubt with the pork belly because it was juicy enough. The one that lacking here is the texture. The burger bun was soft, the pork belly was tender, the kale pesto was umm... too mild in taste. A bit of crisps and other stronger flavor would be nice.

Porchetta - IDR 135.000,-. Porchetta is a classic Italian dish that also popular in America. Basically it's a pork belly stuffed with herbs and seasoning and roasted for long hours. In Union, yep they made it right. The crisp skin is out-of-this-world ! The meat also still juicy, and the seasoning is a bit citrusy because they put some orange zest in it. The mustard vinaigrette also goes well with the porchetta.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo - IDR 85.000,-. Another classic American dish originated from Louisian. This one served with pulled chicken and Andouille, which is a smoked pork sausage. I loveeee the sausage! Very smokey and really adds flavor to the gumbo. I prefer the gumbo to be more spicier though and had that depth of flavor.

Smoked New Orleans Sausage - IDR 95.000,-. This one using the same Andouille, and as I mention before, the sausage was sooo flavorsome. It does remind me though of the Sausage Rolls that I've had in London. Really yum!

Toasted Marshmallow Shakes - IDR 60.000,-
Salted Chocolate - IDR 60.000,-

  Union Deli
Central Department Store, Ground Floor
East Mall, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
Phone : (+6221) 23580476

Facebook : Union Jakarta
Instagram : @UnionDeliJkt


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