Surabaya : Kudos Cafe

Coffee time at this newly opened spot in Surabaya !

So last weekend I got a chance to visit Surabaya again. This city is pretty much like Jakarta IMO. The traffic, the entertainment, the lifestyle. Just like Jakarta, coffee shop in Surabaya are growing so much. Well I'm not complain though, since I love coffee, so the more the merrier isn't it?

 Kudos, was quite insta-genic. The building has this minimalist clean organic style. The first time you stepped in, it feels like, you know.... Ikea-style. Lols. Very Scandinavian with a touch of hippie-pattern. Lots of natural light, which perfect to take photos here. But the downside is... you can't feel the aircon.

So for the coffee I opted for a Cappuccino - IDR 28.000,-. Capp is my second option after Piccolo for milk-based drinks. When I ask what's the bean that they're using, they say they use House Blend and there's a robusta in it. So the coffee has a nice body, sweet and chocolatey, but it does have that bitter taste. Maybe because of the Robusta. If you ask, of course people always relate coffee as bitter. But actually, coffee doesn't always have to be bitter. Bitterness could comes from over-roasting or over-extraction. What bitter here is unpleasant taste in your tongue, almost like burnt taste.

My friend opted for a Latte - IDR 25.000,-. I do love their custom glass tho!

Kudos also serves some heavy food, but I opted for Lemon Meringeue - IDR 40.000,-. This was surprisingly yummy! Perfect amount of Tangy and Sweet taste.

Kudos Cafe
Pakuwon Square AK 2 No3, Surabaya
Opening Hours: Everyday 9am - 10pm, Tuesday CLOSED
Instagram : @Kudos_Cafe

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  1. Tempat kekinian di Sby yg lagi hits. Eh, tapi ini sepi ya, padahal biasanya sampe waiting list?

    1. Rame koq sebenernya, fotonya pas lagi pergantian customer hehe

  2. Yaampun cakep banget ini interior-nya :') Thanks for sharing, Natasha!

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