Jakarta : Ilvero Gelateria

Delish Gelato spot in Jakarta !

It's been a long time I've been waiting for a gelato place here in Jakarta. When you go to Bali, you can found plenty of it. That's why I'm kind of wondering why there's no decent Gelato cafe here! I know some big brand that just opening, but I'm just looking for artisan one.

Thank God this new spot finally opened ! Yep, it's Ilvero Gelateria! It is said, the owner go all the way to Italy to learn how to make the authentic Gelato.

The building was quite interesting. It's made with Shipping Containers. There's also Pet Shop and another restaurant on the same location. Ilvero located at 2nd Floor and the interior was simple yet homey. It's not too big, but it's good enough for you who cravings some dessert.

Ilvero only serves Gelato and some Cold Brew Coffee and Cold Pressed Juice at the moment. So don't expect other food or drinks in this place. They only have 1 size of cup, and it's priced IDR 25.000,-/ cup or cone! It's quite affordable isn't it!

To be honest, I already tasted all the flavors ! Lols.... But my most fave is Bacio and Dark Chocolate. Bacio is a mixed of Chocolate and Hazelnut. The results is just like eating Nutella. So yeah.... Not complaining. Haha!

I love the texture of their Gelato. It's very smooth and not icy ! It's not that gooey like authentic gelato though, but the overall flavors here are nice.

So another flavor that available is....
- Salted Caramel : This is quite nice and caramelly, but need to be more salty
- Stracciatela : Very Milky!
- Crema : Custard Vanilla taste with hint of Lemon
- Nocciola : Hazelnut! Another fave because it's very nutty
- Pistacchio : It was good enough, but since I'm a pistachio lover, I think the flavor needs to be more stronger
- Tiramisu : It was okay, but need more of that punching flavor.
- Mango / Lemon / Strawberry : Overall was good !

Ilvero Gelateria
Jl. Arteri Permata Hijau No. 5, Jakarta
(2nd Floor of Fur And Friends )
Opening Hours : 12Pm -10Pm (Tue-Sun)
Phone : +6281807173500
Instagram : @IlveroGelateria 

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