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Newest AYCE Shabu place in Wolter Monginsidi !

Located in Wolter Monginsidi road, this newest restaurant just opened ! Well I'm quite curious and excited, since I always love shabu - shabu ! So let's start shall we??

Shabu Ghin was quite spacious with 2 dining area, and yes.. it's ALL YOU CAN EAT restaurant ! haha...
I love how they use personal stove & pot for each person, so you can enjoy one pot just for you! Or... maybe it's safer for clean-freak person. Lols.

So here how it works. First you can choose the type of beef that you like, and the price is already included with the buffet counter.

Shabu Ghin Special Beef : IDR 188.000,- / Child ( <10yo amp="" senior="">65yo ) : IDR 115.000,-
Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef : IDR 238.000,- / Child & Senior : IDR 145.000,-

Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef : IDR 388.000,- / Child & Senior : IDR 235.000,-

If you opted the higher price of beef, you could also having the lower price of the beef. The limited time for the buffet is 90mins ! Oh! They had this on-going promo, 20% discount for all package until 15th November 2015 !

Not keen on the buffet? You can opted for their Ala Carte deal!
Set Menu : IDR 128.000,- ( Enjoy AYCE Buffet Counter + 2 plates of Shabu Ghin Special Beef )

Then you can opted for the soup-base that you like !
- Original Konbu : Savory, Balanced taste of Sweet and Salty ( I chose this ! )
- Chicken Mizutaki : Savory and Light
- Spicy Tonyu : Sweet, bit Spicy, Unique ! ( This one was using soy milk, it's my favorite amongst all! )
- Spicy Seafood : Spicy and had that seafood taste
- Sukiyaki : Sweeettt ( it's a bit too sweet for my palate though )

Then you can heading to the buffet counter ! On the buffet counter, you can find fish, meatballs, vegetables, mushrooms, udon, etc to accompany you shabu-shabu.

Don't forget to just dip your beef 2 - 3 times to the pot ! Overcooked the beef just ruin its taste! 
The beef here was in good quality. Especially the Wagyu one! You can tell from the marbling that it was a nice grade of wagyu. And yes, the meat was tasted soooo sweet. Love it !

They also had some heavy dishes like Japchae, Tempura, Sushi, Karaage, Gyudon, Fried Rice and even variety of salads ! I found that all the side dishes was perfectly cooked! In example, the Japchae was using the Korean Sweet Potato Noodles just like the authentic one! The fried rice also nice with garlicky taste. Overall, I'm really satisfied with the buffet counter !

They also have variety of dipping sauce and condiments! 

 The drinks option also quite nice. They have Hot and Cold Ocha, Soft Drinks, even Coffee !

For dessert, you can enjoy their soft-serve ice cream, also some fresh fruits and jellies. 

Shabu Ghin
Jalan Wolter Monginsidi no. 53, 
Jakarta – Indonesia
Phone :  +62217202336

Opening Hours : Mon - Sun 11:00 AM – 15:00 PM & 18:00 PM – 22:00 PM
Free Valet Parking
Facebook : Shabu Ghin

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